Survivor Base/Stronghold help!


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I would like to add static survivor AI to a survivor base/stronghold I created (screens here: Inside this survivor stronghold I was hoping to have a crate with some high-end items that would be worth players taking a hit in humanity for.

I know you can just walk among Survivor AI if your humanity is above a certain number (adjustable in the config). Is there a way to keep them neutral towards you until you interact with a crate or object within their base? After interacting with the crate or object, they become hostile towards you as if you shot at one of them?

Kind of like walking in, try to steal from them (access their crate), they become hostile, battle your way out.

Has anyone seen anything like this? Is it possible to make this happen?


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I am asking more so if there is a way to make the AI hostile if you interact with a crate in their base... I know I can make them hostile via humanity... Is there a way to make the AI remain neutral UNTIL the player interacts with a weapons crate in their base?


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boggles my mind that people are still using Sarge lol... this mod hasn't been supported in probably a year or more, it's so full of bugs and causes so many other smaller issues.
Good luck finding the help you need


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Russ, what AI mod would be a better option?

And do you know of any that could support what I'm hoping to do?
yea sorry didn't mean to come off sounding so rude, I reread that again and I sounded like a prick.

Honestly Im not sure. There are DZAI and WICKED AI out there but they are all bandit AI and not very good with static configurations.

If I were you, I would have a look at the old missions system (Not DZMS).
You might be able to figure out something using bits and pieces of that. The reason I suggest this is because you can change the "team" of the ai on that mission. You might be able to do the same thing with these other ai frameworks Im not sure. But I remember if you set them to a specific team they were friendly until you killed one of them and then they were all hostile. Perhaps somehow you could set a trigger to the box so that when a player opens it he kills an ai and they all become hostile?

Im not a coder at all so I really can't offer anything besides speculation.

The point of my original post was because I used to use SARGE and switched to DZAI. The difference in the ai is night and day. They act like real players, and are strategic. However they are all bandits, no friendly ai, and they are designed to be dynamic and aren't much good for static purposes. There are ways to set them up as static, but they patrol instead of sitting still. You could lower their patrol to a small radius around a box or stronghold.

Unless you know how to code something like this you're going to have a hard time finding someone to help. These ai frameworks are pretty in depth and I cant imagine you being able to add a small group of ai that somehow performed completely differently then the rest of the ai.