Taviana Add Buildings Not Working?

Hey Gang,

I've got a Taviana.EU map up on my DayZ.ST server now.

- =BTC= Lift and Logistic script is installed and working.
- =BTK= Cargo script is installed and working.

The part I am having troubles with is actually adding additional buildings into the Taviana map.

- I've edited the map in the Arma 2AO 3D editor.
- Used the Bliss Map Tool to get the proper SQL Queries.
- I've added them to Buildings and Instance_Building but they don't appear in-game.
- I also tried adding them to Deployable and Instance_Deployable but they still don't appear in-game.

Would anybody have any insight as to why the buildings cannot be added through the database?
What specifically are you entering into the tables to get the buildings working? I've tried both deployable and vehicle tables along with their matching instance_table and cannot get anything to spawn?