Taviana Island Life - Roleplay - Trained Cops

We are a new island life server. Our server is based in the USA, We have full stat save that is never removed. We are on the map emita. We offer car saving and full stat saving. We also have trained cops that has a high level of roleplay. If you want to check us out visit www.tluproar.enjin.com We also have teamspeak our ip for teamspeak is this is also our server ip address. Or you can find our server by typing Uproar Island Life
Just a quick update on this post. We have mode and created a Taviana Island Life Mission. Also We are looking for more staff, Admins/Mods/Helpers also more cops/swat and so on. If you want to apply for anything staff or cops please visit www.tluproar.enjin.com