Team Old Skool [TOS] Chernarus Overpoch server

Hi peepz,

Team Old Skool [TOS] has been running DayZ servers for a while now, but since Steam took over and DayZcommander messed up we seemed to have lost quite alot of players unfortunately so we're busy building up our playerbase again.

Currently we're running a 50 slots Chernarus Overpoch server with some additions to the map itself. Our loot table is tweaked slightly but not overkill. We try to keep it as close to the original DayZ as possible (no tanks/a10s/etc.).

We're running server missions (DMZS) and are still tweaking them to get the best possible experience. Our server has R3F towing script, take clothes script, godzone at the traderzones, Building Snap Pro tools, sell from vehicles/backpacks script, normal 24 hour day/night cycle and runs on GMT timezone.

Our server restart times are @ 0.00 - 8.00 - 16.00

You can find our server @ : or use the ARMA2 ingame browser, set filter to [TOS]

We recommend using dayzlauncher ( as we found this to be the easiest way to get all the mods loaded which are needed to run Overpoch.

We also have our own teamspeak:, so feel free to drop by for a chat or if you have any questions or visit our website @ or our facebook page @

If you want to play on a cool server, with some cool additions and are tired of the same boring Chernarus map, feel free to give our server a try!!

Hope to see you in Chernarus!


TerroR aka Don Demon
Headadmin TOS gaming community