Tent spawn rate


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I don't know if I'm just really lucky or what, but after running around and looting supermarkets I get the idea that the spawn rate on tents is way too high.

I think I found like 10 today in a few hours of play.

How do you change the spawn rate? I don't have FTP access to my server, but they host might be able to modify that for me.


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Its not something you can change as its in the daz_code, let me highlight this to hellborn the test manager as he is collecting all the bugs / feature requests.


Been logged and submitted to the development team. I should hear something quickly if its not posted on here first.

*note ~ This issue doesnt just occur with tents, it has happened with crowbars too. currently under investigation.


I am currently looking at and adjusting the 'loot' spawns for next release to make it a bit more challenging and releastic. Be ready for a nice surprise next update :D all I can say is that it'll be challenging *evil laugher* mwahahah :D