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Hello All .
I have started a PVE / PVP server.
The name is :

" The Coalition PVP/PVE "

We have created a pretty fun and exciting adventure for you and your friends to come and partake in. We have plenty of mods that we believe you will love and enjoy interacting with along your adventures. We have a variety of vehicles and helis to make those awesome loot runs and that are STABLE . We have turned up the difficulty of our zombies to give you that hardcore survival feel along with some crazy creatures that you don't want to be caught lacking around. We have added custom workbenches to craft weapons, tools, and other essential base items. We do have traders you can sell certain items to including : mutated creature limbs, mined ore, meats, veggies, and other items. The trader is constantly being updated to accept new items to make yourself some extra money.

We listen to our player base are always looking for ways to make our server stand out even more.

Multiple admins working around the clock to make this server perfect.
We have an amazing team that strives to give you the best content you can find within DayZ.

If you wanna check us out, then come join our discord and ask our players what they think of it. Would love to have any and everyone join and help us make the perfect community for you and your squad.

The Coalition discord is :

The Coalition Discord

Lore :

After the Chernarus nuclear incident mutated creatures roam the surrounding areas. Scientists moved in to study the effects on both animals and humans. Some factions believed nuking everything that moves is the only answer while others have seen it as a place to seek wealth and fortune at all cost.

* Our player capacity is only 20 at the moment . This will be expanded as our player base grows. We look forward to your arrival

- A Fellow Survivor , ASAP
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