The Republic US1 |NEW 2/10|50k|PVP|C4|AirDrops|Drugs|ATMs|Cars
A brand new custom DayZ PC Server built for the players to have fun once again!

In DayZ's 'The Republic', you will find yourself in Chernarus surrounded by a PVP environment with an immersive PVE experience of custom built areas.

We promise that will find an extremely responsive Admin Team that truly cares about the game quality and the players' experiences above anything else, the player base is our first priority.

Create custom presets at Trader with a detailed list of items to gear up and get back into the fight!

All players and play styles are welcome, please read the server rules on our Discord when you join our community!

Many custom built areas to include: Black Market Trader, Tisy, North West Airfield, VMC, Safe Zone Traders, Poacher, North East Airfield, Balota Airfield, Cherno Military, and more to come!

Current Server Mods: Helicopter Landing Pad | MMG - Mightys Military Gear | PsychoGaming Vehicles | Airdrop-Upgraded | Summer_Chernarus | CannabisPlus | DrugsPLUS | CJ187-MoreMoney| SNAFU Weapons | Hacking Mod | Breachingcharge | Code Lock | BaseBuildingPlus | NoVehicleDamage | Unlimited Stamina | DayZ-Expansion-Name-Tags | DayZ-Expansion-Market | DayZ-Expansion-Core and MORE!

Missions, mods, and more custom areas to explore soon!

Join us on Discord and enjoy the DayZ experience!:

Custom Area Photos: View:
UPDATES! Server Wipe on 4/19:

The Republic US1 Wipe4/19|50k|Heli|KOTH|KeyCard|AirDrop|Toxic|ATM

Check out the Custom Areas and Key Card Rooms!!

Custom Gear Available, Join the Server and Discord for more!

Updated Server Mods Include: AdvancedGroups | GameLabs | Bed-Respawning | DayZ-Expansion-Market | ToxicZone | BasicSpawnSelect | The Republic KeyCardRooms | King of the Hill | BaseBuildingPlus | Breachingcharge | Hacking Mod | Code Lock | Collectable Items | DrugsPLUS | CannabisPlus | SNAFU Weapons | RevGuns | MMG - Mightys Military Gear | Modular Vest System | SQUAD MSF-C | RedFalcon Flight System Heliz | The Republic Helis | PsychoGaming Vehicles | Armored Vehicle Pack | CarsForAll | FlipTransport | MuchCarKey | COCAs_NoVehicleDamageMOD | GAZ 66 SHISHIGA | Humvee (HMMWV) M1151 | GAZ TIGR | No Sickness (Gas Enabled) | InventoryPlus | Inventory Blur Removal | Disable Broken Legs | Care Packages V2 | No Shoe Damage | Enhanced Banking | CJ187-MoreMoney | BulletStacksPlusPlusEnhanced | Unknown Ghillie Mod | shd_Ghillie | Real Metabolism | Saline Bag+ | HealthStick | CS Weapon Bag | CJ187-LootChest | DayZ-Expansion-Core | DayZ-Expansion-Name-Tags | VPPAdminTools | VPPNotifications | MuchStuffPack | HeliWreckNoLoot | Dabs Framework | BuilderItems | ReducedFireWeaponDamage | Advanced Weapon Scopes | NoMuffle | Summer_Chernarus | StreetLighting | Leaning Past | Helicopter landing pad | VanillaRoadPartsPack | AdvancedGroups Plotpole DLC New | Care Packages V2 AdvancedGroups Markers | The Republic Modpack | Server_Information_Panel | InfoPanel | dbo_surfaces | Flying Birds!

Come check out the server! You will not be disappointed! Changes and upgrades are being made regularly based on player feedback!

Custom Areas throughout Chernarus are great for both PVP and PVE experiences. All play styles are welcome and the staff takes suggestions/feedback seriously!

Join us on Discord and enjoy your DayZ experience!:
Checkout our DayZ PC Server! Making regular updates and changes based on player feedback and recommendations! New areas to explore and customization in progress!