Toons do not shake after taking damage - no need for painkillers. What to do?

Hello guys,

My first post here, as I've experienced a lot of help setting up my server here.
The thing is, after I have made some modifications to my server, like: refuelscript, custom heli loot and debug monitor, I have noticed that you do not need painkillers anymore, which annoys me (You are not shaking when you have taken damage).

I want it back!

So how do I get it back? Where is this thing located, and what is it/should it be called?

Hope you get my question.
If I should provide anything into this post, for clearance, let me know.



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umm u still shake... the only reason i can think you are not seeing this is either ur firing from hip or there is something seriously wrong with ur client files
Hello again.

I have tested this many many times, before posting in here. You litteraly do not shake at all, unless you have 2k blood, and you shake as the rythm of your heartbeat goes. Here painkillers, are not the issue of course.

It's not something google can answer for me sadly, as not many, or any people have had this issue.

Thanks for replies though :)
Like I said there is only a chance that you get the Michael J foxes when taking damage. It is not an every time thing. There have been characters that I had alive to DayZ and they never once got the shakes.

Unless there is something wrong with the specific server you play on(doubt it) or your client files( again in regards to this issue doubt it) I think you are just getting lucky. Also the lower your post processing settings are the less noticeable the shakes are. That and you won't shake in 3rd person obviously.
Start fresh and install your mods one by one, checking which one causes it to break.

Also, what the hell is a toon? lol