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Our #1 Priority is server stability for us and the community we're building, our current mods are pretty stable. Two restarts per day unless we have MOD updates, these will then be done during 'off peak' periods where possible.

Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/a6JJfND

- Spawn & Loadout Selection
- Regular Server Events run by our community Admins
- 2 Traders (Green Mountain & Kumyrna)
- Bridge to Prison Island
- 3x Crash Sites
- Fully custom loot table
- Interactive Map
- Nationl Armbands
- 'Be the hunter' greater rewards for hunting the beasts of Chernarus
- Experienced admins on call to help and support

**KOS allowed, Interaction encouraged**

**Base Building Starter Kits**
In an effort to get more diversity on the server, we will be giving out base-building kits to qualified new groups. This will consist of a bunch of base-building materials, a few tents / barrels / sea chests.

**Refer a Friend**
To try and help build up the numbers on the server and to make the experience better for all, we are introducing a new 'refer a friend' scheme.

1. Invite your friend to discord once they have joined DM an Admin with their name and tell them you have referred a friend.
2. The admin will then confirm this by messaging them once they have joined the discord and will agree to meet them in game or at the trader of their choice (the admin can teleport them and you if necessary)

Both players will receive 12,500 Rubles to spend (this offer is only available to new players, established players can still refer

**Core Mods**
- KillFeed
- DayZ Expansion Chat
- RPCFramework
- Vanilla ++
- Zomberry Admin Tool
- BuildAnywhere
- DisableBaseDestruction
- WeaponsReduxPack
- bzReload
- Trader
- BuilderItems
- SpookArnbands
- Code Lock