Updating vanilla server to

Howdy all

I am totally new to this admin stuff.

I run a vanilla server (Vilayer non-dedicated) and I'm trying to figure out how to update it myself as apparently they can take a while to do it themselves.

Is there a process for this somewhere I can follow?

The SQL changes look easy, but I don't know which files from the rar need to be uploaded (I'm assuming not all of them?) and I can't find my battleye filters either.

Anybody got a moment to help out a pleb admin? :D
Ok check that I found where to put the battleye filters.


So I imagine that I should run the two SQL updates, then update my battleye filters... but um, what else?

Noob admin right here.


OpenDayZ Lord!
when updating it is best to update ALL files to avoid any issues and bugs

so heres what i would do


upload ALL the files via FTP overwrite any file it asks to
update BE filters
run the 2 sql updates
login and test


OpenDayZ Lord!
Thanks for reply - I've not used FTP before, do I just use filezilla or something?
yep that will work :)

be aware that vilayer might not let you change/upload certain files such as DLLs
this can and will cause issues if you dont use the updated ones!

its a pain i know but best to get them to update for you to make sure its done right
I've heard back that updating myself should be just fine.

I have run into a slight problem though.

So far I've copied the contents of the @DayZ folder, Keys folder and all of the .dll files from the server files to my own server without a problem, and have updated the battleye filters.

Do I just copy the @Hive and cfgdayz folders straight over to my server? I can't see any similar looking folders on my server right now. I have a MasterConfiguration folder, which within has a Battleye folder, a Users folder, two cfg files and HiveExt.ini - do the cfgdayz contents go here instead? Stumped on these two.

I know all you guys are probably like "how did this guy even get past the registration page" but yeah I'm pretty new to this stuff. Thanks in advance for any help!
I've read elsewhere that I need to unpack the server PBO and put the contents in my vilayercustomcode folder... Tried this but players aren't able to get past the lobby. My server's scheduled restarts may have messed with the update though so I've disabled them, uninstalled everything except the db, and am re-installing and re-updating to see how that goes. Any help is still appreciated :D
Managed to figure it out all on my lonesome after about 10 hours solid.

If anybody needs help updating their vilayer vanilla gameserver let me know. It's LOADS OF FUN M8
i have the same problem, i have an host with vilayer hosting, but the update from vilayer cp dont working, i try to update my server , but i'm a new admin idk who can i do it! and vilager dont provide phpmyadmin access soo how can u access my db and change or update sql tables ?

if any1 have an tutorial to how update the dayz vanila server to version with vilayer hosting i'll be so greatfull!
Rafael - read through the thread.

Fallingsheep gives a decent idea of what steps you need to follow, but you have to also unpack the server pbo with pbo manager or similar and throw the unpacked files into the vilayercustom folder somewhere - this is all done via ftp.