[US] [PC] DayZAfter – FPP|BBP|Trader|Drugs|Airdrop|KOTH|Helicopters|More++

Apocalypse Mao

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Website: https://dayz-after.com
Server: play.dayz-after.com
Discord: https://dayz-after.com/discord
DayZAfter Launch Trailer:
Launchers: DayZAfter – BBP|KOTH|Airdrop|Drugs|Helis|More
DayZAfter is focused on performance and balanced PvP. We have created completely custom NEAF, NWAF, VMC, and trader zones within the map and have regular events to engage PvP. Expect regular server-wide events, as well.
Focus on balanced PvP – You won’t find a 50cal in 5 minutes.
Focus on performance and frames – we intentionally purchased and host a dedicated high-end server.
Continuous upgrades and changes to improve performance, gameplay, and PvP.
Mod Features:
Spawn Select
Custom Textures and Buildings
Modded Storage and base building
Persistent Compass
King of the Hill
Mystery Boxes
Flying Birds
Party and Map System
Base Building Plus and Breaching Charge
SNAFU Weapons & Tactical Flava
Cl0u’s Military Gear, MuchStuffPack, and Mass’sManyItems Overhaul
Trader and Vending Machines
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