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Gen Z is not like any other server. There are a variety of things to do from exploring Chernarus with custom made areas, or hunting down AI and players. We offer a variety of mods that will keep you occupied within the server. We have an amazing community with active and responsive admins to ensure you gameplay is as smooth as we can make it. Below you can find more info on how to join the server and our key feature mods we currently have. We also have tarkov like extractions around the map too.
Server Information
Max Players : 120
IP :

Mods : Fast Travel, DayZ-Dog, Airdrop-Upgraded, GenZ Helis, Vehicle3PP, MuchStuffPack, Gen Z AI, MMG - Mightys Military Gear, sf_radio, MMG Base Storage, DrugsPlus, CannabisPlus, Breachingcharge, Trader, Code Lock, Tactical Flava, Dogtags, FlipTransport, GoreZ, Gen Z|US1|Server Pack, MuchCarKey, BBP, Gen Z Server Pack 2
Playstyle : PVP

Discord :