V3S Showcase, Guide To Easily Find & Gameplay

After having so much bad luck on the experimental servers I finally find myself my first DayZ Standalone vehicle. Isn't she a beaut! This vehicle is the V3s, its the only vehicle out in DayZ Standalone at the moment but there are rumors that a white pickup truck will also be coming soon.

If your interested where this vehicle spawn is and how to get to it - I used the DayZ DB vehicle map that was recently released. Starting from Kamewobo I headed to Tulga but there was no loot so I started winging it straight to the vehicle spawn in Msta and just as I was about to starve , random dumb luck I found a lone house between Msta and Tulga full of supply's. I'll put a picture of where it was in the bottom screen and here is the vehicle location map http://www.dayztv.com/standalone/dayz-chernarus-plus-v3s-truck-map/ There's not much food in the experimental but this house is pretty well hidden so maybe this will help you if you haven't found a vehicle yet.

The controls are really nice they have obviously being testing it thoroughly. Notice the speedometer looks like it works which is wicked. Not sure if the fuel gage is or not yet but I'm pretty sure it will be. The official DayZ facebook posted a picture of the mirrors in the V3s of actually working like the do in Arma 3 so that's going to be really cool to all you 1st person players out there.

This is all the animations for it, you can currently open all the doors and the hood of the vehicle. I'm guessing that when parts are introduced this is the method you'l be taking in getting one of these vehicles operational. Opening the hood and placing items like a battery inside.

They have estimated that the V3s will be out on stable DayZ at the start of next year I'm very excited to see it.

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