vehicle spawn via vehicles.sqf

i've come over from dayzCC where you could go into the dayz mission editor and place vehicles in game that way, then import the sqf file in to the database.
as i still have that sqf file with locations of all the vehicles i want, is there any way i can import it into this db?
basically i dont want any vehicles spawned apart from the ones i specify, and they'd all spawn fully repaired and fuelled.
is this possible?
yeah and one thing in my server when we crashed plane he did not respowned this is 3 day we waiting for it can anyone tell me how to setup respown that after crashing the vehicle that he spown in 20 min ??
Tnx DSH-Nibbler for replay i have one more :D sry about that amm i try to add more vehicles but in my world say i have something about 86 of it but in DB its 600 how i change num of vehicles to be spawn ?