Video: ARMA/DayZ horror mod


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Been working on this concept for a while:

It's now at a stage where we'd like some input as to the viability of the idea - conceptually and technically.
Building component placing is now nearly perfect and ALL elements are persisted across server restarts.

- Building material types: Wood, cinderblock, concrete
- Destruction of objects, persistence of same
- Stash/safe storage inside houses
- Locking of houses to players
- Bed (i.e. respawn spot)
- Fences: Wooden, including gates
- Gravity - cant place stuff in the air
- Recipes for all components
- Generators, lamps, torches, burning barrels
- Degradation of building components + ability to repair

- Werewolves, a vampire lord, witches, will'o'wisps

- Triggers for wolf howls, flickering lights, thunderclaps, glowing eyes in the night
- Nighttime should be scary, daytime peaceful
- Some villages are zombie infested, others have on-edge villagers
- Ominous symbols and signs
- Altars, human sacrifices

- Port to ARMA3 once it's out of beta.
- Find a better name for the mod

Comment and let me know what you think, suggestions are welcome.
I'll use youtube for updates so subscribe to keep updated on the progress.

Some credit:
Pwn0z0r for the DayZ server pack, Mondkalb for the cinderblock walls/doors/gates used during development, Daimyo21 for his basebuilding concept, and all the guys behind core DayZ.


I for one think this is great. it adds so much to the game. I cant wait to try it out.

on a side note/funny you can call it DayZcraft lol


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Soooo ... apart from locking doors and gravity (which will be hard to implement im afraid), this is now ready to take to any server, so im contemplating starting an alpha.

Have a look and let me know:


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I did, not keen on adding the extra actions/scrolling needed (i want to make it a smooth user experience) - would rather just automatically allow only the owner to open a given door... but that relies on using custom hiveext commands (999 / 998) which are not implemented in Pwn0z0rz server...