What is Dayz Overwatch?

Guys, as a new visitor can someone point me to a web page that tells me what is different between vanilla Dayz and Overwatch?

Can find anything about why I'd want to use this?

Maybe make a Sticky Topic for newbies like myself? :)
How does that not help it's the official website of the mod?
Well it doesn't exactly tell me what is in OverWatch does it? It's just a list of changes. :)

If you know of a page that talks about Overwatch and why players should use it, please tell me. I can't find any at that site. :)

You've got to 'advertise' it's benefits to get people interested surely? :)


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It's cherno with some added buildings on the map and a bunch of weapons/skins/vehicles.

It's actually pretty nice.


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Hopefully it means scrumbee is too busy working on updates to worry about a nice website :D


I talked to Scrumbee last week, he's going to try to get a list of "features" and what he plans on implementing. He's just busy trying to work on bug fixes and such to do it. It'll happen when he has time.


Yea been busy bee, yea allot of things I’d like to do, having a section on website explain what it is about is a great idea and at some point i will do that, just got to find the time to actually do it. See if I can get it sorted this weekend or something