What is DayZed?


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DayZed Mod is based on DayZ Mod by Dean 'rocket' Hall and It aims to be more unforgiving, balanced and harder, while including new features such as items, skins, actions, weapons, loot, map additions and more.
DayZed uses the Reality Hive by thevisad - originaly Bliss Hive by ayan4m1.

The goal of this fork i to provide an experience that's very close to the original DayZ but also providing players with much more complex and harder expirience.
Repairing vehicles, eating, drinking, chooping wood or setting up fireplaces has more to it, then a scroll and click in the action menu.

DayZed will also provide more weapons and skins while maintaining the balance between the survival and military aspects of the original DayZMod.

More info will come. Sadly no ETA ;( - there's only 2 of us working on this. WE also seeking more developers if anyone's interested in helping out.

Some screens and snippets (Some of them might be outdated)

Early version of the Weapon Attachment system:


The Attachments:



Hey, if you guys need a 3D Render, I'll be down. I'm good at it, just give me a list of what you want to see. My email is [email protected] Get back to me from either here or email and I can help you guys out! No more worries for the 3D rendering stuff, I currently do not have a mic because it broke a few weeks ago. I do plan to get one again soon. Also, looks like it'll be a great mod! Thanks guys!
At the time writing this, the "development" of this is rather chaotic.
We wan't to finish some basic crap so we have a "base" to build on. ATM we finished the weapon attachment mechanism and started to pick and tweak weapons, mainly from RH Packs (truly amazing stuff Robert created).
In the mean time I have all sorts of crazy ideas that's :p
Thanks for letting us know. As soon as we finish all the easy stuff, We will be willing to get you guys involved :)
any other news? how is development going? i like the direction you guys are heading...

edit*i guess when looking for info i should check the latest post...