Will pay if someone can help me with some stuff!

Chris Atkins

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I have an admin base in a simple SQF that is run from the server and requires very little coding knowledge. Only the ability to follow instruction.

My admin base is pretty centralized. It is in Stary, on the south side of the town, in a field.

Let me know if interested and I can get the install instructions prepared for you, or you can post your server PBO and I'll quickly take care adding the base in for you. I use DZAI instead of Sarge (Sarge AI require more server resources, and is more complex). DZAI can be found here...https://github.com/dayzai/DayZBanditAI.

Let me know.

Also, no payment necessary.

Chris Atkins

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You need to unpack your mission PBO first.

Then copy the code from here:

Open up Notepad++ and paste.

Save as, for example, admin_base.sqf.

Open your init.sqf and scroll to the bottom right before this }; <------ before that, then add
[] execVM "bases\admin_base.sqf";

Now save your init.sqf.

Create a folder called "bases" in your mission PBO. Put your
admin_base.sqf in there.

Repack your mission PBO & upload to server. Simple. You're done

***If you understand what you're doing beyond a beginners level, I recommend running all custom bases/buildings/addons from the server PBO (AI have a tendency of walking/shooting through buildings ran from the mission PBO aka client side).


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Yes, I will put this in server.pbo instead of mission.pbo

Thats where i put all my custom buildings.

Thanks alot, looks like lots of objects, will try it out and let you know how it goes :)
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Chris Atkins

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I'd recommend adding Axeman's light scripts so the "Illuminant Towers" will turn on at dusk, thus providing light in the base.

Thank Axeman for these:

Tower Lights

Street Lights
House Lights

***Although adding the Towers lights script or any of these 3 may cause Battleye to throw a bitch fit and kick everyone as the lights turn on. You'll need to understand Battleye filters and editing, which is another headache I am still learning.


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I wouldnt need to worry about that since there is always dayz at my server.

Base looks great, I can see that alot of work is put into this. I really like it. Just need to modify some stuff. How can i do that? Can i have the mission file so i can edit it in arma editor?

Do u know how i can protect the base by only allowing certain player IDs and teleport everybody else some meters back?

Chris Atkins

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What's your email? I'll email the folder that has the mission.sqf and mission.biedi that goes in \Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\YourProfileName\missions folder.

This way you can access it through the editor.