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the Epoch Devs make no update of Epoch, so that i dont want to wait month for a bugfixed Sauerland release.
With this reason, i have started a new project. A part of the Isle Rügen.

Some information are aviable on my facebookpage here: klick (all in german language)

For all other peoples, infos are found here.

The map is 35% finished, and i hope to release a alphaversion for bughunting in the next 2 months. The map contains some new models and is 100% on real geodata. Is there in reallife a road, on my map is the road too.
The map has 655 km² with water. The land will be aprox. 355 km².

Some pictures of the new Project?

Current build status:

a few pictures:

The next 2 pics shows the 100% original position of the roads:

Pic1: the satpicture

Pic2: the map

More will come soon.



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Some more pictures from Rugen.

i have made new railroadcrossings. One opened and one closed.

At this moment, i work at the city Bergen. A big city. Here a picture from the buildingprocess.



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Can you add some big "underground" areas to this map? Like, stuff that would be big enough to house a large base, but hollowed out of the earth? :)


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Hello,the next building is finished. Based on the video rental store, i have made a pet food store with a little storage at the side.

more will come soon.



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The first two buildings are not enterable., but the following two buildings are enterable.

First building is "Ahmeds kebab shop":

The Second building is a church named "St. Bonifatius Church".
This model is based on the original church at the Clementstrasse 1 in Bergen (Rügen).

Church, front from the right:

Church, front from the left:

church, inside:

Information about the original church will be found here.

I try to build some tourist attraction from the city Bergen. This church is the first. Some more will follow.



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I have made a lot of new german style stuff for my map.

More than 100 new buildings, some enterable. This takes time. here some Pics of the new buildings and map.

german Intercity railway waggon and contact wire poles

August-bebel-Street in town Putbus

Ernst-Moritz-Arndt tower, city Bergen

the position of the tower. You can see, 100% original position of POIs and ~ 80% original position of houses.

The paedagogium in town putbus. 3 floors fully enterable.

details of the paedagogium

you will find all made buildings at my homepage dayz-ruegen.com. All in german. An english Version is in building process.