|XBOX| Server name: E.V.A. Project | UNDERGROUND BUNKERS-PVP&RP-factions-missions-mods-events-Chernarus/US


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Looking for a server to call home? The E.V.A Project is a semi-survival based server with PvE, RP and PvP without all of the boosted loot to ruin your experience! We welcome all types of players, no group is too small or large to play! Explore our underground bunkers and modded areas while you experience random events and more!
32 slots (will increase as necessary) with notified 4 hour restarts.
Earnable income for games, gambling and in-game purchases
Community Service Center to turn in mission rewards. ( Ban on Kill and Build )
Skalisty Safe Zone where interactions are encouraged, events are held and stories are shared.
Interactive, self selecting roles where you can earn rewards!
Vehicles spawn completed and wiped monthly.
Above and below ground modded areas.