XBOX | US | Chernarus | NEW! GangLands of Chernarus PVP PVE


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Welcome to GangLands, the ultimate post-apocalyptic experience! Immerse yourself in thrilling turf wars, survival challenges, and community building. As the Government and Military crumbled, local gangs rose to confront the infected hordes that plague Chernarus. Unite or clash with a diverse web of gangs, each with their own style and goals. Protect your turf and seize power in an unprecedented epic turf war!

For those seeking peace amidst the chaos, Caution Cove awaits—a tranquil haven where rival gangs put aside their differences. Join farmers, medics, and scavengers in this oasis of calm, occasionally safeguarded by a voluntary Police force. Choose your playstyle wisely: become a feared gang member, a nomadic trickster, or a builder of a new world.

Prepare for the unexpected as you navigate the infected-infested landscapes of GangLands. Watch your back, make alliances, and carve out your destiny. The future is yours to shape in the thrilling world of GangLands!

- 32 Slots, increase to 50 when needed.
- Minimal rules to hold you back
- Custom built areas added weekly
- 3.5 hours days, 15 min bright nights
- Build Anywhere, Unlimited Stamina
- Loot boosted slightly
- Increased Heli, Convoy, Train, Police stops
- Keyboard & Mouse enabled
- TPP and FPP
- Timepassing events for chill days
- PVE area for chill days (few rules here still)
- Pristine loot - Full mags

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