Zone 2 UK PVP Chernarus PS4/PS5 (42 Slot) HARDCORE SURVIVAL


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Zone 2 UK PVP/PVE Chernarus PS4/PS5 (42 Slot) HARDCORE SURVIVAL
3 spawn points for pvp NWAF/Novodmitrovsk/Stary Sobor combat areas
42 slot pvp server
Zombie Hordes everywhere
loot x500
Long days 10 min night time /NVGS Boosted/Guns lights boosted
no ragequitting or crying if you get killed raiding a base ;)
Kos allowed (some players are friendly)
Trucks and Cars spawn with building loot
Infinite stamina
Military loot spawns on the coast
frag grenades and explosives boosted for combat
Deers spawn on the coast, and food is boosted
Trading & squad via discord
Long days & Long nights /NVGS Boosted/Guns lights boosted
W**D seeds boosted :)
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