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Dec 4, 2014
    1. NoZ
      Hey Krixes i was wondering if you know how i could add custom loot table to my overwatch server, using the method provided by avendetta only crashes my server. If you have any ideas please help or if you know anyone who might. thanks!
    2. Cody Sutcliffe
      Cody Sutcliffe
      Hey man, sorry to bother you. I've been trying for the last 2 hours to install your blood bag script, I did everything it says but when I go ingame, I have no option too "Self Bloodbag". If you have a little spare time could you please help me out?

      Many Thanks.
    3. chrismonk
      hey krixes i need help i run a epoch server when i try to install self bb my server is stuck on wait for host and my name in red so im really stuck can u mabey send me the complete files im kinda a noob this is my first server

      Thx Chris
    4. kooluchiy
    5. FifthYangPro
    6. stephen2012
      hello krixes i was wondering if you could alter add some scripts to my pbo files as this is all new to me and this is my first server
    7. Lasombra
      Hi Krixes.

      I have been using you self blood script, thanks for that :), however with the new epoch update the self actions seem to override the new Trader menus, I thought I could do away with the new menu but it also broke the new building mechanics.

    8. JohnAlan
      please help. setting up a private server for my clan and need assistance with Epidemic. contact via email [email protected]
    9. DayZRE
    10. Kolnan
      Just wanted to say thanks for the scripts I really enjoy using them, and thanks for enduring my noobness in the beginning... lol all i needed was the right programs to manage the files =)
      1. Krixes
        Haha, I am glad you got your stuff running. Enjoy the scripts. :)
        Jul 23, 2013
    11. jrickey26
      hey Krixes, i was wondering if you could help me with something. I am trying to add the vehicles from the Law Enforcement Vehicle pack or the vehicles from this : to my DayZ Epoch Server and have no idea how i would go about doing it any help would be greatly appreciated
      1. Krixes
        This is impossible without adding the pack to your addons and requiring all your players to do the same.
        Jun 15, 2013
    12. Sub
      Hey krixes, on my server im having trouble with my self bloodbagging and 3d editor any possibility you could help me out? Im new kind of but know enough to get by, if you could help me out that'd be great man.
    13. supreme6767
      Can you help me with a few things I have no idea what im doing I actually messed my server up n got it restarted lol I need The Restore health when tent sleeping...AI...Dogs...(freds wardrobe) or (gender selection)....Also new buildings how do i do this the 3d editor only gives some buildings not the grocery stores n stuff i want....PLZ! HELP!!!Your the only 1 that ever helped me lol
      1. Krixes
        There are a couple of tools I have found to add in the buildings to the 3D editor.

        This is one....

        There may be a few others but I can't remember their names. Just hav eto google for them.
        May 12, 2013
    14. Tony Pope
      Tony Pope
      I would like to place the bloodbag on my epoch server, no matter what I have tried it will not work. Your help would be awesome....
      1. Absolution
        ive tried to add blood bags to my epoch server i get the self action up in the window but it pops up errors and now my salvage parts action is missing any chance of help mate
        Jun 5, 2013
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