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  1. duluc

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    Coming here for a rant.

    Some of admin well know the ArmA 2 RCon GUI, that's working with battleye, and can shows players on the server, their GUID, IP, etc...
    Possible to kick/ban... a database with all players names used by a guid...
    A nice useful admin tool so !

    But today, I saw an update of this tool on the official website.
    Now, the name is : battleWarden:RCon 1.0
    Cool, to have little new feature, you have to do something with facebook... humm no facebook here for me... And if you want to use the "database" button as before, it's a shit of "premium" message box coming...

    So if you want to continue using this admin tool with some (old) features now blocked, I suggest you to continue using the ArmA 2 RCon GUI 1.8.7 BETA

    Not a good news, I'm alright.
    I understand devs have to eat and drink sometimes, but killing some (old) features with a premium shit...
    I think a lot of people thunk to make some little money with their old tool when they see DayZ released and become popular, shame!
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  3. duluc

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    "learn the commands" :s
    Nothing more interesting in that world ? loool
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  7. cortez

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    BERcon is very simple but does not have everything you need, the ability to see people a database with all their known IP's and GUID's is great.
  8. Peep

    Peep New Member

    Does BERcon support you being able to view and respond to in-game chat?

    That's all I use Rcon for as my bans are handled on a database level.
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  10. Peep

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    I see you made a useful reply to me and then edited it once you had realized it who you were replying to, in spite.

    Very low, sir. I'll depart from this thread now and find my answers elsewhere.
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    yeah, u mad?
  12. Doc

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    Yeah I found that out the hard way with the new feature. Telling me I needed to like their page and email them for the premium version to ban a guid, pffft. Went back to 1.8.7 BETA too.

    Also, typing out commands is inefficient. Using a GUI to handle your rCon requests is not silly, nor does using BERcon make you a "Big Boy". It simply means you have more important things to do with your time than fuck around typing shit into a prompt screen to sign into your server and ban that one kid that's just teleported all your players to death island. Why do all the work when a program can do it all for you a hundred times faster with a far smaller probability of making any mistakes? The "big boys" may use BERcon but the men with enough shit to do already would rather use a GUI.
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  13. hambeast

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    GUI and CLI apps each have their place. *nix guys will find CLI apps easier to use and Windows guys will most likley migrate towards GUI apps.

    If you have ever managed a *nix server you will understand there is no real reason for the unnecessary overhead of a GUI. The only reason a GUI would be installed on a linux server is because the admin is inexperienced or lazy. There is pretty much nothing you can't do in *nix with a GUI that can't be done with a CLI.

    Personally I would use the shit out of the CLI app if it supported Copy and Paste. I don't want to type out a GUID or an IP to ban somebody.

    Also if I want to grab the GUID's or IP's of players connected, it is much easier to use the GUI method for now.

    I think I'm going to fork my whitelister app into a simple DB connection logger. All it does it log the IP, GUID, PlayerName, and TimeStamp for all connections.
  14. Peep

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    This is why I was interested in using this in place of a GUI. Saves you a lot of bugs and is faster and easier to use but I honestly cannot stand Windows CLI so I tend to move away from it and just use a GUI instead.

    If only DayZ servers could run natively under Linux with proper CLI tools like an rcon client to go with it. Sadly most people are coding their stuff in .NET so it's unlikely we'll ever see a proper DayZ Linux setup.
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  18. UrbanSkaters

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    Totally agree. I've actually liked their page for the past month now , emailed them 3 times and tweeted them.. NO replies, no premium client. So I've gone back to using the beta client (see below) and it works perfectly. Why the f'ing hell they had to piss about like that is beyond, it clearly states on their website and in the info that this is freeware , so why disable a feature in the first place ? They aren't getting a donation from me! I would have done if they'd kept to their advertising promise, but nah.. fk em!


    PS, the beta version works exactly the same as the newly named BattleWarden, but also records users in a database and lets you unban users (works for me)..


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