CC V7.2.0.0 [OUTDATED]

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    DayZ Controlcenter V7.2.0.0

    • [NEW] Added Support for DayZ 1.8.2
    • [NEW] Added CC functions to 1.8.2 code
    • [NEW] Added rMod2.1 support for DayZ 1.8.2
    • [NEW] Added support for latest beta patch 1.63.125548
    • [NEW] Added SteamPort and SteamQueryPort settings to CC-Configuration tab and config.cfg
    • [NEW] Added new database tables for player data (Character_Data, Player_Data, Player_Login)
    • [NEW] Renamed and changed columns/layout in the rest of the database tables
    • [NEW] Added CC functions to new Hive (.dll files)
    • [NEW] Added Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable to installer
    • [NEW] Fixed and added new icons to the map
    • [NEW] Added missing images to adminpanel
    • [NEW] Updated old images in adminpanel to new ones
    • [NEW] Added allot more weapons and items to inventory editor in adminpanel
    • [NEW] Added several weapons to the check for banned weapons
    • [NEW] Updated GameQ that CC uses to report server info to dashboard to newest version
    • [NEW] Updated all battleye filters
    • [FIX] Arma2oaserver.exe not copying from Arma2OA root folder to instance folders
    • [FIX] Beta patch version check when launching software not working correctly
    • [FIX] Humanity not working correctly
    • [FIX] Medical not saving correctly on newest DayZ version
    • [FIX] Players not showing up on map
    • [FIX] All vehicles not showing up on map
    • [FIX] Inventory of deployables not showing correctly
    • [FIX] Saving new player gear from web-admin not working
    • [FIX] Players showing up as dead on map when they are alive
    • [FIX] Custom-loadout causing errors when trying to join server
    • [FIX] Custom-loadout not working with 1.8.2
    • [FIX] Removed broken keys from "Keys" folder causing server to crash
    • [FIX] Global Loudout not working on all supported maps
    • [FIX] Spawnselection on Lingor (Hunting Grounds) not working
    • [FIX] Required beta version changed to 125548 on all instances
    • [FIX] Players not spawning with global gear after death
    • [FIX] Database Error 1054 (Unknown column Survivor_Kills)
    • [FIX] Battleye filters, players kicked of server on death
    • [FIX] .rpt error from server files on death. (server_playerDied.sqf)
    • [FIX] Dashboard displaying "Server is currently offline" even though the server is running
    • [FIX] Item check in player and deployable inventory not working correctly
    • [FIX] Minor other problems with vehicle on map
    • [FIX] View "All" on map not working
    • [REM] Removed message "Could not delete a temporary folder!" during install
    • [REM] Removed option to install beta patch through CC installer! (Can only be installed through steam nowadays!)
    • [REM] Removed old player data tables (survivor,profile,log_entry)
    Special thanks to:
    for helping to fix GameQ and vehicle issues
    *Supporters who helped test the Pre-Release

    The ideal place to post bugs/problems is under following:
    Server related issues
    Controlcenter related issues

    Known "issues":
    *Displaying "Received invalid data" when launching software.
    (Ignore, waiting on access to the ftp server so I can update the version check.)

    Download section here

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