DayZ 2017 Loading Screen Image

Discussion in 'General Discussion and News' started by chewy, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. chewy

    chewy New Member

    Hey guys , I was messing around on my computer when i decided to make this for DayZ 2017, I thought i might aswell show it here for the sake of it haha
    Hope you like it !

    DayZ 2017 Loading Screen Preview.jpg
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  2. zedar

    zedar Moderator Staff Member

    need more work, keep working on it ;)
  3. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Chewy,

    We already have a loading screen, which I do kind of prefer, but good for you for having a try out. If anything I would change the text from pink to another color.

  4. Rob7051

    Rob7051 New Member

    I think it looks quite nice good job
  5. chewy

    chewy New Member

    Thanks :)
  6. chewy

    chewy New Member

    Thanks haha i was just messing around and it kinda came together :p I will be using it for youtube intros mostly :)

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