DayZ 2017 Namalsk Client Release 1.0 (Alpha)

Discussion in 'Support and Release' started by Jarrrk, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Jarrrk

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    Good morning/afternoon/evening members of OpenDayZ!

    After a long awaited release, it's finally ready. The project took longer than expected as real life situations such as exams etc took over my free time and as I'm the only developer, work has been hard. Before you directly grab the files I'd like to thank three people especially:

    Shinkicker, glad to be in the 2017 team with Shin, he knows his stuff and has helped me along the way of the slow development with signing and fixing stupid bugs.

    gdscei, also glad to have part of the team and also helped me along the way with signing etc, big thanks.

    And I'm sure a massive thank you from everyone who will play 2017 Namalsk, Sumrak from Nightstalkers. The original developer of the island Namalsk and gave us full permission to use his outstanding map with our mod and on behalf of the team we all say a massive thank you!

    Now to the juicy stuff, this is currently an OpenDayZ release! Six Launcher and Commander will be coming soon but for now it's exclusive only here! The only permitted hosts to host the files are team members and hosts such as Mega, hosting these elsewhere will be asked to remove them as we will not represent the work of me and the team.

    The current state of the mod is in alpha, the reason it took so long is I was trying to postpone until DayZ 2017 was updated to 1.7.6 so we could release with a newer, updated feel. Never the less within the coming weeks updates will roll out with bug fixes and content updates such as base building and much more.

    As for bug reporting, please report all issues here so I can easily keep track of them and so members of the community can also make pull requests and fixes.

    Video from Karwin Leutscher, a team member of the 2017 team and a amazing cinematic video creator:

    • Loot tables massivley changed and 'fixed' in my opinion, lenient to weapons for playability
    • No bloodsuckers, EVR or anything un-realistic as they do not fit in with the aim and feel of the mod
    • Fully functional buildings with loot spawns etc
    • Warm clothing, as freezing is pretty imminent without them
    • (Server) Dynamic vehicle spawns, see the other thread for details
    • (Server) Better handling of vehicles in general
    Changelog (1.0)
    • None yet
    Current Bugs (1.0)
    • None yet
    1. To install you will need to merge your Addons folder from your ArmA 2 folder into your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead folder.
    2. After this is complete you will then need to download the @Namalsk files and @DayZ2017Namalsk files which are provided above.
    3. Next install the latest beta patch from here, just run it and it should install to the directory and you should be good for that part
    4. Extract both files and copy the two folders @Namalsk and @DayZ2017Namalsk into your ArmA 2 OA folder along with the Keys folder and the @Start_Client.bat file and voila! Double click the @Start_Client.bat and you're away!
    Current Official Servers:

    If you wish to view the credits, they can be found in the Release Notes text file in the @DayZ2017Namalsk mod folder. And again, a massive thank you to everyone involved in both the testing team and more! Proof for permission to use Namalsk is also in the file too!

    On behalf of me and the team, thank you to OpenDayZ for your fantastic support for all of our work and your efforts to aid us in development.

    Jarrrk and The 2017 Team​
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  2. BishopND3

    BishopND3 Member

    Wow! Of course the day my CD Key got stolen, gotta go buy it quick again quick -_- ! Good work man :)
  3. entspeak

    entspeak Well-Known Member

    You mean merge the files in the Addons folder from Arma 2 with the ones in the Addons folder in the Expansions folder of Arma 2: OA... or simply copy the Arma 2 Addons folder into the Arma 2: OA folder? And what impact does this have on playing other versions of DayZ or playing Arma 2?
  4. Dr.Zed

    Dr.Zed New Member

    The mod is excellent! I recognized some bugs in the alpha version..(i tried it on [email protected] Server). The temperature system doens't work at all and there's too!!! much .45 ACP ammo for 1911/revolver.. spawns like hell.. got like 8 mags in 5 mins! There are also some bugs with the wrecks or chernarus spawing.. the stary sobor base spawned in the middle of the sea between both island and there were some other not namalsk depending wrecks on other locations.

    Altough the chance for rusty m4 with ammo should be lowered.. we found 4 with 7 or 8 mags in 1 hour or less.. (Namalsk has maybe too much military special loot with it's ~10 baracks, the bunker e.g.
  5. gdscei

    gdscei Valued Member!

    Copy the contents of the "Addons" folder in the ArmA 2 directory to the ArmA 2 OA directory (if you have not yet). If it asks you to overwrite files, you've already done so. And it doesn't affect other DayZ versions, it could only help you play them without errors/crashes.
  6. entspeak

    entspeak Well-Known Member

    Got it.
    It should be noted that if anyone wants to play this and vanilla DayZ 1.7.7, they are going to have to downgrade the beta when they want to switch back to vanilla DayZ. The latest beta patch won't work with 1.7.7.
  7. gdscei

    gdscei Valued Member!

    We've had multiple problems with the beta patch as well, but after testing, it didn't seem to affect much of anything.

    The beta patch itself has some errors though; it's not just compatibility issues. ArmA comes up with multiple script errors in arma's pbo's.
  8. Jarrrk

    Jarrrk Moderator

    Thank you, for the ammo and the temperature I am looking into it. As for the wrecks etc, there's nothing I can do on my end as that's on the map side of things which I can't edit. Sumrak added it to look like some stuff was floating on the water but it didn't turn out how he wanted it :3
  9. BrodieHeadford

    BrodieHeadford New Member

    Would there be any chance of a max ping limit change to 350? It would be perfect. Thanks.
  10. limit79

    limit79 Member

    Guys just letting you know i have a server up and running it is a Aussie server but max ping is set to 300 i might up it to 350 see how we go but here is the info

    server name : DayZ 2017 Namalsk - Aussie Bastards (v1.0/Build 105785) [VETERAN|3DP:ON|CH:ON] -
    IP : port : 2303
    Custom loadout is on and now have Sidechat on :)

    server restart every 6hrs and the time it starts in game is at 2pm so you will get some daylight but it will go into night befor it has to restart again :)
    i welcome all to come join this server and have some 2017 fun :)
  11. BrodieHeadford

    BrodieHeadford New Member

    Just as I posted, An Aussie server comes up! ^.^ Fantastic! 30pings! Woo, Thanks.
  12. Avtion

    Avtion New Member

    【Hello,im a chinese!I think it is a good mod!so i translate it !】

    DayZ 2017 Namalsk 是 DayZ 2017 和 DayZ Namalsk 模组组合起来的

    1.Loot tables massivley changed and 'fixed' in my opinion, lenient to weapons for playability
    2.No bloodsuckers, EVR or anything un-realistic as they do not fit in with the aim and feel of the mod
    3.Fully functional buildings with loot spawns etc
    4.Warm clothing, as freezing is pretty imminent without them
    5.(Server) Dynamic vehicle spawns, see the other thread for details
    6.(Server) Better handling of vehicles in general

    4.Warm Clothes(æš–è¡£)

    (更多相关DayZ 2017模组更新请点击)

    DayZ 2017 Namalsk Client Files v1.0 (Alpha) - 百度网盘下载
    @Namalsk files - You may already have these - 百度网盘下载

    方法一:可以使用 ArmA2Launcher(武装突袭2启动器)

    运行 @启动 DayZ 2017 Namalsk
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  13. Jarrrk

    Jarrrk Moderator

    Thank you! And thank you for the translation, this may come in handy to some players :)
  14. gdscei

    gdscei Valued Member!

    Note that on the current only official server ([email protected] DayZ, ran by me), beta patch 103718 is running and you are recommended to also use this beta and not the newest one, 105785. The newest patch has a lot of issues at the moment with both script errors (of arma content itself, though DayZ also got script errors with the new patch) and FPS issues.

    The beta patch issues is a reason (one of many) why 2017 v2.1 is delayed, and so 1.7.6 2017 Namalsk as well.
  15. Hertz

    Hertz New Member

    gdscei, is there a chance the server time could be at least GMT-6?
  16. gdscei

    gdscei Valued Member!

    The server is located in GMT+1 and is custom set to GMT-3. I'd think that's already quite the jump. Remember that it is an European server. As soon as 2017 namalsk hits on both commander and six I expect there to be enough american servers if you want GMT-6.
    However, if you want to discuss it, you can always go to to discuss it with the community of the servers.

    And as a side note, why are you so eager for daytime? I think Namalsk is actually at it's best during night time.
  17. Hertz

    Hertz New Member

    Yeah, I'm from Europe , but I can usually play on very late hours, so it's already dark on the server...
    I don't like night time, it's too stressful :p
  18. Avtion

    Avtion New Member

    All Day!Sun All the Time!
  19. dodascooby

    dodascooby New Member

    i get a error says,
    You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.namalsk
  20. dodascooby

    dodascooby New Member

    anybody know why?

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