DayZ Namalsk HARDCORE Survival Server. VETERAN+|BS:ON|EVR:ON|GMT-6

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    About Us:
    This is a HARDCORE Survival Server. Veteran difficulty with Expert settings i.e. increased view distance, damage, food/water regen and temp drops. The EVR sequence is more frequent than normal with deadly bloodsucker spawns throughout the map. We have had lots of fun and id like you guys to come join us! Here is some info about the server:

    Server Info:
    Map: Namalsk
    Players: 50
    Custom buildings
    Custom bases
    Custom vehicles
    Auto-Refuel @ Landbridge ONLY
    Salvage vehicle parts
    Towing/Lift Helis
    Remove clothing from bodies
    Care Packages
    Min. Fog
    Expert view distance
    Custom anti-hack protection
    NO custom loadouts
    NO kill messages
    Custom debug monitor
    Server IP:

    Join us on Teamspeak!!

    If you think you got what it takes to withstand the Deadly bloodsuckers, -55 degree nights, knockout EVR sequences, increased agro/damage and Namalsk PVP combat; come join us for the ULTIMATE DayZ survival experience.

    -The Inheritance

    Server IP:

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