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Discussion in 'Scripting Discussions' started by Toni, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Toni

    Toni New Member

    Hey guys, I'd like to know some stuff on how everything works if that's fine. I'm kinda new at this entire server scripting/editing so a mission/server.pbo file sounds like a foreign language to me.

    What I wanted to start off first with is how exactly would I get a custom loading screen? I've looked up a few tutorials and how-to's, but it still isn't exactly clear for me. It says add some code to add, but it is all client sided (from what I saw/assume); as the image file is local.

    Something such as:
    loadScreen = "\ca\missions_e\campaign\missions\pictures\og.paa";
    And the .paa file would go somewhere in your documents\ARMA 2 Other Profiles\pictures etc.

    I also know that the image has to be 2x1 (2048x1024, 1024x512, 512x256, etc).

    After that, I would like to know where I could upload/add it into a DayZ.ST hosting account. I figured it would be in the server.pbo file or something, but there is no FTP to upload custom files.

    Also DayZ.ST doesn't offer support once you check the "advanced" area to allow uploading of custom mission/server pbo files.


    #2 - I've looked for web administration panels for bliss hives, but most of them are outdated/not working, such as UnclearWall's BlissAdmin.

    Is there one anyone here recommends?


    #3 - Gotcha-Antihack, is there a way I can install that on a hosted server? (No FTP)


    #4 - How does one add custom bases and all?

    Thank you,
  2. Audio Rejectz

    Audio Rejectz Well-Known Member

    For the custom loadscreen in your mission file make a folder called pictures and inside put your loadscreen. It can be a jpeg just have it around 1024-512.
    Now in your description.ext above
    class Header
    put this

    loadScreen = "pictures\loadscreen.jpg";
    Then convert your mission file back to a PBO and use your hosts control panel to replace your current servers mission file.

    Gotcha is client side, as i used to be with before we started hosting our own, i can tell you they wont host it.
    Also, it's pretty useless anyway.

    Custom bases look here
  3. survivorcarl

    survivorcarl New Member

    To add your custom buildings etc... to a Dayz.ST server do the following.

    1. Open Arma2
    2. When you reach the menu hit "ALT E" to bring up the 3D Editor.
    3. Select Your Map (Chernerus)
    4. Map will loadup...

    NEXT Steps.........

    1. Click on CENTER (right side)
    2. Now double click anywhere on map and click OK

    3. Click on GROUP (right side)
    4. Now double click anywhere on map and click OK

    5. Click on UNIT (right side)
    6. Now double click anywhere on map and ADD a single unit (Make sure you select playable!!)

    Now... You're ready to actually start editing your map.

    With your character on the ground you can hit PREVIEW anytime to actually view the map in-game. You can drag him around in 3d or 2d to get to the locations you want.

    To add Buildings.

    1. Move your character where you want to add the building...
    2. Click on VEHICLES (right side)
    3. Double click on map and select your building.

    Holding SHIFT while the building is selected will let you rotate it....

    Edit your map the way you like and then save it as a Multiplayer Mission.

    To Import Your Map to DayZ

    1. http:// dayz.wofjwof. com/ map.php <----- G0 Here (i had to break link it wouldn't let me post)
    - upload your mission.beidi file (documents/arma2/missions)
    - enter your Bliss ID
    - enter your building start # (1 is fine if it's your first run)
    - If you entered correctly the map importer will give you 2 sections of CODE.

    2. We now need to login to your actual MYSQL database

    - Click BUILDINGS (left side)
    - Click SQL (at top)
    - make sure the box is CLEAR! and then paste the code in marked for the BUILDINGS table.
    - it should give you a message xxx amount of tables have been added.

    3. We now need to add the actual building locations etc.. to the database.

    - Click INSTANCE_BUILDING (left side)
    - Click SQL (at top)
    - make sure the box is CLEAR! and then paste your code marked for the INSTANCE_BUILDING table.
    - if successful you will get a message that you've added xxx amount of tables.

    You MAY get an error message about "Foreign Keys" if that happens just add this code to the start of your query.


    You're All Done!!!!
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  4. Toni

    Toni New Member

    Thank you guys, I'll get right on this.

    But @Audio what if DayZ.ST doesn't allowed FTP uploading for the server? I can't place the image onto the server
  5. Austerror

    Austerror New Member

    Hi Toni,
    Hopefully I can answer some of your questions for you.

    #1: To add a custom loading screen is really quite simple.
    Open your description.ext file from your mission.pbo and at the very start paste;
    Add your PAA image to your mission.pbo folder, recompile and upload to your server via the control panel.

    #2: Can't help you there but I find the administrator control panel excellent.

    #3: servers are already configured to work with Gotcha Anti-hack. All you need to do is run Gotcha from your end.

    #4: There are a few ways to add custom bases. I have done a tutorial for adding buildings (and other objects) using the 2d mission editor. You can watch it here on youtube.

    Good luck with it all.
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  6. Toni

    Toni New Member

    Thank you, that was very informative. I really appreciate it :)

    Edit: I have one more question. I tried looking at a few things to edit the mission.pbo file and/or export it, but it hasn't worked very well. I've looked at programs like cpbo and Arma 2 Edit, both do not open (didn't work with cpbo) the .pbo files.
  7. Austerror

    Austerror New Member

    Toni, CPBO can be a pain to set up. If, after installing it, you find it doesn't work (right clicking on a PBO to Extract etc) then you will need to remove ALL .pbo key entries from your registry and attempt to install CPBO again. Once CPBO is installed it is an excellent tool for extracting and recompiling PBO files.
  8. Toni

    Toni New Member

    Yeah I figured that out already, it was a huge pain to remove it from my registry (installation fail). I kinda gave up on using CPBO lol
  9. machine

    machine Well-Known Member

    I'm doing the same Toni only i know a little more as i have been running a server now for awhile. I love but if you need anything done outside the .pbo's you may as well forget it. I needed the script.txt file changed and i had to wait nearly a day to have it uploaded by them. Something we could do in seconds. Then i forgot to update the #45 script restriction and had to wait another day to have it uploaded. So things like Gcam I would forget about adding until they allow some FTP access. (which i hear will also be limited :s).
  10. Toni

    Toni New Member

    I think as long as DayZ.ST provides like access to the necessities such as the script.txt or chat logs, I think we'll all be fine
  11. Murdock

    Murdock New Member check there , i am putting a wiki together for .ST servers. Please add to it if you feel you can.
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  12. machine

    machine Well-Known Member

    Can someone tell me why when i spawn a building in on its spawns a duplicate building on top of it? I've seen this on more than just my server and it two was hosted by I checked the database thinking i put one on top of the other but thats not the case.
    this is the location of it.
  13. Austerror

    Austerror New Member

    Hi machine,
    I don't know if this will make a difference but your world_space does not include an altitude.
    Try changing it to:


    And see how that goes.

  14. machine

    machine Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I'm at work right now but I will check as soon as I get home.
  15. Murdock

    Murdock New Member

    its a known bliss bug, its random when it does it.
  16. Uncle Fester

    Uncle Fester New Member

    Does anyone know why the above methods that did work on Chernarus is now not working on Namalsk for custom loading screen. It just hangs the says connection lost.
  17. drmagnumwolf

    drmagnumwolf New Member

    I'm having the same exact problem
  18. machine

    machine Well-Known Member

    I added the altitude and didn't help. I guess its not a big deal you just have to open 2 doors on the barracks. Also it seems like the loot spawns more so no one on the server is complaining of course.
  19. cyrq

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