DayZ Vanilla Problem: Zombies Disappear With More Than One Player

Discussion in 'Support' started by Constrictor, Jun 13, 2015.

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    I posted this issue on the DayZ Mod forums:

    Razor49 states that they don't support Private Server packs that are out-dated or contain modified code, so I am bringing this issue here to hopefully get a solution:

    When more than one player connects to my Vanilla DayZ server, the zombies disappear the moment the second player joins and I get a bunch of "possible 'side' hack" messages in the RPT:

    14:30:30 "P1ayer PID#0(UID#) reports possible 'side' hack... Server may be comprised!"

    With only one player, the zombies spawn fine. When that one player disconnects, there are bunch more of the "possible 'side' hack" messages in the RPT.

    I have tried turning off the Antihack and REsec with no change.

    I am running this server pack. I built the server and client files from the Vanilla release files and replaced the files from the pack in an attempt to update the pack myself.

    Any chance this can be updated, or a solution to the problem maybe could be found ? This has been happening since I think, 1.8.5, and now with

    Could it be related to this:

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