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    New Taviana private hive server! 1000 repaired vehicles! Active admins! Hacker rollback capable!​
    Hey survivors! We've got a new Taviana private hive server, live right now! We've enabled up to 1000 almost-fully-repaired vehicles so finding a set of wheels is never difficult. We've also got a fantastic admin team that's almost always active, and the server is capable of rollbacks so you never need to worry about losing all of your hard-earned gear! We're always tweaking things to give everyone the best play experience possible so add us to your favorites and come have some fun!​
    Private Hive
    • 50 Slot - US Server - low ping -
    • Day Time All the Time
    • Auto Restarts at: Every 6 Hours
    • Double Vehicles - Including 10 flyable Hueys
    • 25 lootable Heli Crash sites
    Anti-Cheat features
    • Gotcha AntiHacks
    • BattleEye
    • Active Admin persistence
    • Database rollbacks
    Rules to be followed
    • No cheating
    • No glitch exploiting
    • No malicious chat
    • No racism (racism results in an immediate, permanent ban)
    • No voice over Side Chat, text only (in English)
    starting vehicle positions
    starting inventory

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