DDoS Attack against opendayz.net

Discussion in 'OpenDayZ' started by shinkicker, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

    Hello All,

    Yesterday we were subjected to a DDoS attack which meant the site was down for under an hour. As luck would have it, the attack was far from advanced and was nullified with a simple filter.

    Kind of sad really what has become of this community as of late. Seems this is a frequent occurrence now.

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  2. Rossymond

    Rossymond Moderator Staff Member

    I just don't understand it. Do other games get treated in this way? Personally, I have never once had an issue with cheaters/hackers on any game, other than the odd CS aimbotter.

    DayZ has just become a huge congregation of cheaters, no lifers, time wasters, money makers and just complete dicks. It really saddens me to see what has become the basis of all of my spare time go like this. No wonder the Arma2 community hate us!

    What also saddens me, while we are on the subject is some of the main people responsible for such problems are members on this forum. Why is this Shin?
  3. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

    Who really knows mate.

    I suppose some of it is people protecting something they make money from (we can guess who there), others are people who get so caught up in this that they are burning up with resentment, to the point they resort to crap like this. I have had to ban a lot of people selling scripts (mostly other peoples), so it might be them taking it out on the site.

    It could also just be someone wanting to feel important and it gives them a little taste of power I suppose. They are most sad of all.

    To anyone doing this and reading this thread, I just want to say the following...

    "Come on man, seriously, its a just a video game. Sort your head out and go take a break, as you're getting far to serious about this".
  4. Rossymond

    Rossymond Moderator Staff Member

    Here here
  5. cylinder

    cylinder New Member

    This sucks so much, especially when considering some of the people who might be behind this have mods which would have been reliant on scripts born out of this forum. Just goes to show how this mod has been hijacked by jackasses.
  6. Hicks_206

    Hicks_206 DayZ Developer Staff Member

    Sorry you have to put up with this Shin, you're easily one of the coolest folks in the DayZ community.
  7. Nebulazer

    Nebulazer Valued Member!

    I feel like some people are DDosing now just because they think its cool or because they are bored. What would anyone really benefit from taking down opendayz for a short time? My guess its some kid who has too much of his parents money and paid someone to do it so they could tell their friends that they DDosed a website. I dont see a reason to attack Opendayz as the only people it will really effect are the new server hosts/admins who are learning new features to add and they are hardly any kind of threat to Origins, who I have heard does most of the Ddosing.
  8. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks mate. But its not really that big of a deal as it just means the site is unavailable for a short period of time. I suppose if they would keep hammering us it would be bad, as our hosting provider would force us off the current plan, but we could just then easily migrate to another company - hosting companies are cheap and everywhere now.
  9. KungFuCharlie

    KungFuCharlie Member

    Crysis was filled with cheaters a few weeks after its PC release. It is what drove me to create the SSM Aegis anti-hack server side mod. Worked like a champ... and LUA was better to work in than the Reality Engine scripting language. Wish they'd just implement Python as the scripting language. That would be epic.
  10. jarjarbinque

    jarjarbinque New Member

    Hello, I can tell you that this does not concern the game itself but there have a spate of such attack on any server in europe.
  11. axeman

    axeman OpenDayZ Rockstar!

    There are many bots out there with spidering ability. Game servers and related website are bound to be targets as most hosts don't really care about security..

    I just signed up a VPS and it was delivered with firewall off and all windows services on, including file n print sharing.

    Bot networks are no longer made up of compromised pcs but Web and game servers..
  12. Chalk1990

    Chalk1990 Member

    I've noticed alot of the scripting threads first posts are deleted? Why is that?
  13. Spider

    Spider Well-Known Member

    They aren't deleted. The mods just separated the release/tutorials (that means the first post) and the discussion. Unfortunately, some people missunderstood the seperation and are posting their releases/tutorials in the dicussion/help section
  14. Nextasy

    Nextasy Member

    It's pretty dumb actually..

    You can't just take the first post from a 22 page thread and think "by golly its perfect just the way it is"

    MOST of the threads I've seen that have tutorials on the first post, go through a process where all the bugs are fixed, and then some guy on the 6 or 9th page of the thread posts "follow the instructions on the first post, and then add this" and THAT will be the golden ticket..

    IF ANYTHING, force post a link to the rest of the discussion.. :(

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