DZW Overpoch/Origins [Missions][coin][snap][vectors][roaming ai][patrol helis][weed][Much More!]

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    The Deathzone Warlords
    Overpoch/Origins on Taviana!
    DZW Official Server!​

    We have been working In total secret on our server and have had It passworded for almost a month so we can work on the server In peace, We are pleased to announce we are now open to the public. We have been super busy working out as many bugs as possible and things are now really smooth and a nice playing experience.

    Our Forums: Here!
    Server IP:

    Have some trouble joining? Check our website >>Here<< for a guide on how you can get on.

    We have added a few top scripts and made our personal modification to them to really make it feel different.

    Below Is some of what we have:

    • Coins.
    • Advanced Trading.
    • Deploy Bike.
    • Group Manager.
    • DZGM.
    • Wicked AI.
    • Service Station.
    • Weed.
    • Safezones.
    • Take Clothes.
    • Towing / Air Lift.
    • Plot Management.
    • Snap Pro.
    • Vectors.
    • Precise Base Building.
    • Self Bloodbag.
    • New Trade City.
    • DZAI.
    • Vehicle Painting.
    • Drug Dealers.
    • So much more!

    The Scripts above are just some that springs to mind at this point we do have more.

    We are currently still In the testing phase and would love for some of you to pop In and take a look around and report any issues you fine (If Any) to our forums HERE.

    If you don't see a script you like In the list feel free to announce It on our forums and we will look Into adding It depending on what It Is.

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