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Discussion in 'DayZ Overwatch Private Servers' started by noiz_sk, Dec 13, 2014.

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    Nov 2, 2013
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    Hi guys,

    I need your help :)
    I really love Panthera OverPoch, and I want to run a server. First of all, I wanted to run an localhost server, cuz I preffer to play only PvE, and it would be pretty fine for me. Ive tryied to instal scripts and all, but Im not able to do it myself (every tutorial is made for Cherno, not for Panthera, also mod packs....).

    So, thing is now, if there is someone willing to help me (I will pay for help) to run localhost server, it would be best for me. If not, I have a running server on GamingDeluxe, so the person can instal mods there.

    So basicaly, if you are willing to help, please leave a commend with your contact and prize you want, so we can talk, or just leave a comment with your ideas, thanks.

    Here are some features I want to run on server:
    - debug monitor (its up to you)
    - 24/7 daytime, allways sunny, (optional: no grass, visibility tweaks...)
    - plot 4 life, no decay
    - no weight limit
    - custom loot (someting like max loot?)
    - max vehicles
    - coin system (Ive seen something like "online bank system" - basically, you were able to deposit/withdraw coins from your safe/lockbox, it would be nice, if possible)
    - Mission system (something interesting)
    - fast building/advanced building/snapping...
    - custom starting gear
    - deploy bike
    - selfBB, maybe Regen blood
    - Tow/Lift - with possibility to tow and lift without restrictions (e.g.: lift Chinok/AC130 with Venom, tow Osprey with SUV....)
    - refuell/repair/reammo

    - TRADERS:
    - custom traders (fast trade, would be nice to be able to buy unusuall stuff like AS50/m107/... (maybe jets, helis (F35, Apache....) if possible)..., trade from backpack/vehicle?)

    - your ideas

    Thanks in advance,
  2. FerodBana

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    Jul 1, 2014
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    Feel free to message me with your idea on how much your willing to spend, depending on that I can most certainly give you all those features...

    Best Regards,
  3. alexlawson

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    Jan 5, 2014
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    Pretty much every script that works on cherno will work on panthera unless it something that involes the map like safezones or custom buildings. Also dont run your server localhost it will just simply either not work or bug you. Finally get your host to install plain overpoch panthera no mods then 1 by 1 install your scripts and post any errors in this forum or the epoch forum otherwise you will not learn how to mange your server and will struggle to fix any bugs you come accross.

    Just some advice.
  4. ShootingBlanks

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    Mar 31, 2013
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    People offering to pay for help really bothers me. AlexLawson is correct in his assessment
    [rant format=list]
    1. If you dont want to actually do the work, just find a server that you can be an admin on since that is basically what you are doing.
    2. If you dont install the scripts yourself, its harder to fix or make changes later because you dont know how or where the scripts were installed.
    3. You will never learn how to do your own scripting if you pay someone else .
    4. Its the rare server that is ever 'completed' when its initially installed with all the requested scripts. So your paid help will have to hang around daily to tweak, fix, remove and add scripts
    5. If you do it yourself, there is an UNLIMITED supply of help and answers available on this site for free.
      Just ask. Dont forget to post all the relevent files and RPT log with your first question to get a quicker response.
    6. Read #5 again ..

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