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    hi guys its come to my attetion that some one has been using my UID and been logging in to server as Fallingsheep1985 and just being a plain dick, saying that he is me, and that he created the repack and is working on endgame, so far ive had reports tha he/she has been on at least 5 servers boasting about creating the repack and saying he is an arma code genius.

    First off i havent played dayz mod in months, and when i do play online i stick to the other repack/endgame devs servers

    second i use the user name Fallingsheep

    third if you think you chatting/playing with the imposter PM me here while in game and if it is really me i will respond to you
    (lets the hacker/thief/scum do that :p)

    fourth if you encounter this guy please let me know as im tryiny to track down who he is and why he would want to pretend to be me and discredit me
    ( i know im awesome, but really pretending to be me...its jus sad)

    fifth if i do play online i play on friends/devs/testers servers and am almost always an admin
    (i like to help people and sort out issues)

    lastly how the [email protected]#K does someone use my UID?
    i mean i know theres UID spoofing but i didnt think it could pass BE checks?

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