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Discussion in 'Trinity Island' started by snajdan, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. snajdan

    snajdan Well-Known Member

    Hello, i want to present you a new Map for DayZ.​

    ~ Here is a map overview ~

    And here u can find a few screenshots​
    source: armaisland.info​

    Map Overview Video by McLupo​
    source: youtube.com​

    Thanks and credits goes to: ( inclusive the right to use their addons )
    - Hotzenplotz ( for this good looking map --> now @ 2.0 )
    - wld247 from the Project RACS Team
    - RobertHammer for his RH HK416 Pack
    - Schnapsdrosel for his BlackOps and Desert Mercenaries Package
    - Christian.1987 for few addons ( MP7, P99, Famas & CH47-Reskin )
    - the whole opendayz.net community!
    - more coming soon
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  2. snajdan

    snajdan Well-Known Member

    a few pictures:

    Attached Files:

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  3. snajdan

    snajdan Well-Known Member

    changelog 0.14:
    • unbanned the whole searchlights ( better nightplay "possible"?! )
    • unbannned CH-47 ( now working on rebalancing = change the 2 miniguns to M240 )
    • changed the tent design from Land_A_tent to ACamp_EP1
    • Insert a new Pistol Pack ( P99 Waffenpack by Christian.1987 )
    • Insert a new Rifle Pack ( FAMAS Pack by Christian.1987 )
    • testing a few cars ( Nissan Skyline GTR-R34 = SHIT!, now testing Mitsubishi Lancers )
    • working on few new lootable skins ( more civilian like )
    • overhauled trinity island ( more buildings, lootspots, atmosphaere/environment )
    • new available choppers USEC Bell 206B ( 4 different versions )
    • removed stalker skins ( sry guys, shit animations like a "rubber human" <-- \o/
    changelog 0.15 ( Date: 7th April, 2013 )
    • banned M107 & AS50 family
    • Insert a new SMG Weaponpack ( MP7 Pack by Christian.1987 )
    • Insert a few british soldier woodland skins
    • balanced mitsubishi lancer's ( was very quick and dangerous to drive! )
    • 3 new backpacks ( from PRACS weapon pack + balanced/tweak for their visible model )
  4. kweezee

    kweezee New Member

    ey man the map looks great server files please?? :)
  5. snajdan

    snajdan Well-Known Member

    I think I will release the files at the end of the next weekend
  6. kweezee

    kweezee New Member

  7. NigeyUK

    NigeyUK Member

    Looking really nice, good work.
  8. tri3

    tri3 New Member

    Mitsubishi Lancers !! Yeah !!
  9. snajdan

    snajdan Well-Known Member

    Yeah! :D
    I think I will add these vehicles! But the maximum speed of 200 km/h too fast in my opinion. I think I will balance the maximum speed somewhere in the range of 130-145 km/h. So they're still faster than the SUV's and Golfs ;)

  10. WM Pegz

    WM Pegz Member

    Dude those cars are fing sweet. I am biased tho I drive a '09 evo :p

    Map looks awesome too, i'd consider throwing up a server if you guys plan to release the files.
  11. LoneWolf25301

    LoneWolf25301 New Member

    Is this map out yet it looks so good and you have done an great job it looks like so far
  12. waTTe

    waTTe New Member

    im always getting the error : you cannot play or edit this content it depends on the deleted content blabla and end up in Something went wrong, please try again

    help `?!
  13. Joee

    Joee New Member

  14. snajdan

    snajdan Well-Known Member

    remove the whole old trinity mod ( @trinity which includes the map cwr_ files etc. ) and the @dayz_trinity ( with the dayz_code files etc. ) and install the 0.5 file again!
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  15. Joee

    Joee New Member

    Why thankyou young sir, appreciate the fast help :D
  16. Brandon7525

    Brandon7525 New Member

    I have this big ass error.. and ill post a picture.PLEASE HELP
  17. |Storm|

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  18. Mathias Larsen

    Mathias Larsen New Member

    Please fix the server it has been down for 2 days1 :)
  19. snajdan

    snajdan Well-Known Member

    no...it is not down

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