Latency and FPS loss Issues

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Deathcall, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. Deathcall

    Deathcall Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone, I'd like to submit a question to your expert opinion.

    I'm in charge of implementing scripts and building custom locations for my community - The Hunting Grounds -, even though I'm no expert at all, I think I've managed to run most of the scripts other servers use and build some interesting new bases and locations around the map. Our server is pretty high on the ladders (ranked 90 something yesterday), but I've hit a wall in "development".

    You see, we are constantly plagued with FPS loss around certain areas of the map (Maruko and Arulco most of the time, though sometimes it's just random) and huge latency issues. The problem is so severe that even after setting the server to restart every 2 hours, we still get a big laggy towards the end. This situation worsens if our population goes above 25 (estimated), up to the point the server may even crash from time to time.

    Now, for a long time I thought this was because of poor implementation of custom bases or scripts, but after visiting other servers and reading some forums, I'm starting to wonder... Could it be my server's host?

    Whenever I'm editing, I never get FPS loss or other problems in any of the above mentioned areas or the locations where I created custom bases.

    I'd like to ask you guys if you've encountered or heard of similar issues happening.

    If it'll help, we are running the following scripts, settings and additions:

    Always Daytime
    Dynamic Weather (by Enigma, currently set to always clear)
    1500m View Distance
    Vehicle Towing and Helicopter Lifting (by R3F)
    Wild Dogs (Custom version of Clay's Dogs)
    Ground Fog (by Rockhount)
    Vehicle Scavenging (by SilverScript)
    Siphon Fuel (by TorturedChunk)
    Custom Bases (by The Architect)
    Extra Vehicle Spawns (300+)
    Extra Vehicle Types (PKT Trucks, LAVs, and others)
    Who killed Who with What messages

    So you get an idea of how resource intensive the custom bases are, I attached linked a picture of one of them.

    If you need any more info to give out advice, just ask.

  2. machine

    machine Well-Known Member

    hosted at .st?
  3. Deathcall

    Deathcall Well-Known Member

    Yes, I was kinda reluctant to mention my server host openly after reading the message on the top right...
  4. machine

    machine Well-Known Member

    I think he means advertising your hosts. maybe not idk. kinda need to know that info to help though.
    Do you see anything weird in your .rpt log file?
    Also do you have a lot of things logging into you scripts.log ?
  5. Deathcall

    Deathcall Well-Known Member

    We've had script.logs reach the 100 megabyte mark when we had the server set at 3 hour restart rotations. I identified most of the logs to be script restriction 128. There were others, 138 and 139 I believe, some 0... We do get a lot of extra logs because of some scripts, the RF3 specially and some custom I've made, like weapon holders for bases or custom ammo boxes, stuff like that.

    I modified the script.txt to not log these actions any more, hoping it'd help. No change other than a smaller log file.

    Regarding the .rpt file, I haven't checked it. What should I look for?
  6. machine

    machine Well-Known Member

    anything unusual really. I have been having communication issues between server and hive although there is no solid fix atm.
  7. Deathcall

    Deathcall Well-Known Member

    The problem is that I do not know what's usual and what not.

    What kind of entries should I hunt for?

    EDIT: Also, is this because of the hoster or because of the mod?
  8. machine

    machine Well-Known Member

    any of these? numbers may be different

    Unit 4:7 not found, cannot update

    Server: Object 11:57 not found (message 94)
    Server: Object 11:58 not found (message 99)
    Server: Object 11:59 not found (message 91)
    Server: Object 11:60 not found (message 99)
    Server: Object 11:61 not found (message 91)
    Server: Object 24:22 not found (message 94)

    Server: Network message 18bbb5 is pending
  9. machine

    machine Well-Known Member

    Seems like these are arma issues:

    searching through these for the last few days looking for fixes but nothing seems to have been done yet.
  10. Deathcall

    Deathcall Well-Known Member

    Opened it right now, the file is about 1.6 megabytes big.

    Found the following lines that seem to be similar to what you posted:

    15:03:34 String STR_FOODCOOKED_EQIP_CODE_NAME_6 not found
    15:03:28 class HitPoints::HitRMWheel not found in HMMWV_DZ
    15:04:16 Server: Object info 2:20 not found during Changing Owner
    15:04:16 Server: Object info 2:1 not found during Changing Owner

    These errors don't seem to be many, I've only found a handful of them. I searched using "server" and "not found" as key words.


    Wait, wait, I kept streaming the file for a bit and just now I got this message over 50 times on a row, all with the same time stamp:
    15:04:52 Server: Network message b383 is pending
  11. machine

    machine Well-Known Member

    are you using admin tools?
  12. Deathcall

    Deathcall Well-Known Member

    We have limited the use of the Dayz.St Map Tool to only 2 admins at a time in case it lagged.

    We use DarT for bans and server overwatch when not in game.
  13. machine

    machine Well-Known Member

    I mean the script admin tools* allows admin teleporting etc.
  14. Deathcall

    Deathcall Well-Known Member

    We use no specific tools to allow admin powers. If we need it for an event or restoration, we go straight to the database, it's pretty easy if you know what you are doing. Just requires log out and log back in. We can teleport and give ourselves and other gear through it, though handling gear is easier through the Map Tool of course.

    Other than that, admins have no other tools on our server. I've been looking into using some that I've seen posted here, but I'm still concerned about the moral issue... that's a separate problem though.

    I keep streaming the .rpt file, now I've seen:

    15:14:50 Server: Network message 123639 is pending
    15:14:54 Client: Object 6:257 (type Type_149) not found.
    15:19:36 Server: Network message 1c0bb7 is pending
    15:19:51 Server: Network message 1c7a22 is pending

    These ones have presented themselves repeated a dozen times.

    Also I've seen some logs related to animal gutting that look line an error.

    These are other unrelated errors that have appeared regularly
    15:37:12 Group B 1-1-A (0x2a2aba00) - network ID 20:255

    Might be related to some custom AI I've got flying around in a chopper...
    Or another AI I've got driving around in a frigate.

    15:38:25 Server: Object 14:1872 not found (message 99)

    As well, I believe this is exactly what you mentioned.
  15. machine

    machine Well-Known Member

    AI can cause a lot of issues i would start there. Remove the AI and see if that fixes the issue. I would basicly strip it down one script at a time to see which one is the cause.

    The rpt log errors I have no idea how to fix still trying to figure out what the cause is but i think its just an arma issue.
  16. Deathcall

    Deathcall Well-Known Member

    I'll try, but I've seen people use SARGE's AI script (far more complex than mine) and I don't think they have reported performance hits. Also, ARMA2 regular MP sessions can hold several AI units and not lag the way my server does...

    Still, I'll give it a shot.
  17. Sarge

    Sarge OpenDayZ Guru! Staff Member

    I'd suggest to put the logging of your server fps to a shorter interval to maybe see whats bringing down the fps.

    Another thing for sure is trying it mod by mod - start with a plain server, and see if you get lag. Arma is known for garbage collection being crappy, so that might be a reason.

    The above network errors happen when your communication between server and client fails - which might have a couple of reasons - one being the server too busy to catch up with sending/receiving data, another clients having network problems.

    group B-1-1-A is the gorup Dayz uses to spawn people in before it switches them to playable chars, that one should be ok.

    try to uncomment the diag_logs in your server_cleanup.fsm, that gives a better view as well.

    Last i recommend to use diag_ticktime if you want to see where you can really squeeze out performance from your scripts, means you will need to alter them though.

    cheers, Sarge
  18. Deathcall

    Deathcall Well-Known Member

    Will do.

    I seriously believe my AI can't be the problem... it's only 4 guys driving a helicopter around and one other guy driving around in a boat...

    I've also got some wild dogs... those might be a bit more cumbersome for the server. But I'll try what you guys said and report results in a couple hours.

  19. Deathcall

    Deathcall Well-Known Member

    Back with no results.

    I've disabled every script which contained AI, server seemed to perform a bit better but it lagged on the end. We still got choppy FPS near big cities like Arulco, Maruko or Calamar, this doesn't happen to me on the editor.

    Besides, I truly think my AI (5 NPCs in total driving two vehicles around) can hardly cause such a performance drop on the server...

    I'll try the other things suggested by Sarge, but what should I be looking for?
  20. Deathcall

    Deathcall Well-Known Member

    I'm noticing that the zombie bodies are staying a bit TOO long... that can't be good for performance...

    Any idea how to make it so they disappear faster?
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