n00b questions (Please help)

Discussion in 'Scripting Discussions' started by kiijaMkcalB, Jun 9, 2014.

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    Jun 9, 2014
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    So me and a few buddies decided to get a server last night and we had no idea how to edit it. When I got home from work today, it seems like a ton of new features were added by someone, but I haven't been able to figure too much out about the scripting.

    I have three things I need changed first the starting loadout, second I need to change the difficulty of the AI and third I'd like to have a marker indicating where I'm at whenever I pull up my map (for most servers it shows up as a red circle. I don't need to know exactly how to change anything, I can figure that kinda stuff out on my own, but what I need to know is where to find all this stuff. Remember I'm a complete and total noob at this so be easy on me lol.
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    couple of things we need before we can help
    1. what dayz version? (, Epoch, Overwatch, etc)
    2. what AI are you using? (DZAI, WAI, Sarge AI,etc)

    as for the other 2 (loadout and map marker) it depends on your answer to the above

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