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    Hey Guys,

    here is my little script for players who cant deal with there lifes in dayz anymore ;)

    The Suicide is executed via Mouse-Wheel Option "Commit Suicide" which is only accessable if the players current weapon is a secondary-weapon with atleast 1 bullet in the magazine. Actualy there is no cancel-option, so if a player activates the self-suicide, he has 10 seconds to go to the lobby, close the game... or he is dead ;)

    To use this, you have to use a custom fn_selfActions.sqf... i will not provide a tutorial here, there are enough, so here is only the code:

    Add following to your custom fn_selfActions.sqf, on the bottom of the file:

    // ---------------------------------------SUICIDE START------------------------------------
    private ["_handGun"];
    _handGun = currentWeapon player;
    if ((_handGun in ["glock17_EP1","M9","M9SD","Makarov","MakarovSD","revolver_EP1","UZI_EP1","Sa61_EP1","Colt1911"]) && (player ammo _handGun > 0)) then {
        hasSecondary = true;
    } else {
        hasSecondary = false;
    if((speed player <= 1) && hasSecondary && _canDo) then {
        if (s_player_suicide < 0) then {
            s_player_suicide = player addaction[("<t color=""#ff0000"">" + ("Commit Suicide") +"</t>"),"suicide.sqf",_handGun,0,false,true,"", ""];
    } else {
        player removeAction s_player_suicide;
        s_player_suicide = -1;
    // ---------------------------------------SUICIDE END------------------------------------
    Create a file named suicide.sqf in your mission-files root-folder (not dayz_server.pbo), and paste the following code in it:

    private ["_Secondary"];
    canAbort = true;
    _Secondary = currentWeapon player;
    player addEventHandler ["fired", {if (alive player) then { player SetDamage 1.1;};}];
    cutText [format["You think about your family... 10 Seconds"], "PLAIN DOWN"];
    sleep 4;
    cutText [format["Your little daughter, and what happened to her... 6 Seconds"], "PLAIN DOWN"];
    sleep 4;
    cutText [format["You cant take this shit any longer... 2 Seconds"], "PLAIN DOWN"];
    sleep 2;
    cutText [format["I come to you Sahra! Goodbye cruel world!"], "PLAIN DOWN"];
    canAbort = false;
    player playmove "ActsPercMstpSnonWpstDnon_suicide1B";
    sleep 8.4;
    player fire _Secondary;
    Thats it, replace the mission-file and everything is done... if you use a anti-hack, dont forget to whitelist s_player_suicide in the dayz_actions.
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