Road Warriors Overpoch! Looking for new faces.

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    Greetings fellow apocalypse survivors! The Road Warriors are looking for mature, active players to join in the madness that we call home. Groups are encouraged to join, but solo players are more than welcome! Our server has been up for 2+ years now, and we have an active admin team and playerbase. We also have a teamspeak for players and clan channel options for larger groups wanting to join.

    Server Name: Road Warriors Overpoch

    Mod: Overpoch


    Team Speak 3 @

    Some of our server features include:

    Dedicated server Box with SSD
    Virtual Garage
    Vehicle Remote entry
    Vehicle Paint
    Group Management (Form a party with other players!)
    Advanced Trading
    Spawn/Class Select (With Airdrop Options)
    Bases: Castles, Caves, and Underground Bunker Caves
    Indestructible Player Bases with Plot Pole Managment
    Custom Chernarus
    Deploy Bike / Mozzie
    Auto Refuel at all gas stations
    Repair/Rearm Service Points
    Coin Currency with Banking System
    Headless Client DZAI
    Unique Castles / Cities / Convoy Missions
    6 Hour Day / 3 Hour Night rotation
    Building Snap Pro with Vector Building and Advance Crafting
    Custom Traders
    Extra Hidden Hero and Bandit Traders
    Tow/Heli Lift
    Walking Zeds
    Self Blood
    Tent Ignite
    Customizable Door and Safe Codes
    Anti door code breaking
    No Fog Script
    Take clothes with custom skin system
    Base Jumping
    Safe Zones for Banking/Trading During the day
    Right Click Pistole Suicide

    We look forward to seeing some fresh faces!

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