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Discussion in 'Sahrani' started by Nonov Urbizniz, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Nonov Urbizniz

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    We have BIG plans for this mod/map.

    So anyone with 3D modeling, texturing, visitor editing, Map Editing, Coding, Web Development, graphic design, or video editing experience is VERY VERY WELCOME to apply to join the team or to contribute bits and pieces YOU WILL BE CREDITED...

    Post here or email [email protected] to setup a time/day to talk on TS. OR you can just email your experience and some examples of your work and the approx time per week you are willing and/or able to commit.

    ALL new member applicants will be vetted by the person on the dev team currently heading up the portion you wish to contribute too, after having been filtered through by me.

    We are NOT snobby or exclusionary AT ALL. I don't care if you're 9 or you're 90... if you are good at any of the above and want to contribute in part or heavily we will give you a serious look and chance.
    The two additions we made after the release of 0.1 have been absolute work horses and we would be nowhere near where we are without them. The more the team grows the better this mod will be for everyone!

    There is a LOT to be done and we can make it happen with the team we have now, but it could be done better with more help and some more polished skills in some areas (graphic design we are seriously lacking a VERY skilled member of the team although almost all members have some level of PS ability ALL of us and the project would be better for someone else focusing on JUST that.)
    With a couple more coders (even just piece meal if no one wants to make a big commitment) we could not only meet or beat our current timeline but we could likely implement some more ambitous goals... which is REALLY saying a lot.
  2. Nonov Urbizniz

    Nonov Urbizniz OpenDayZ Rockstar! Staff Member

    Here is a breakdown of what we REALLY NEED:

    1. Art/design director - We need a VERY skilled PS artist to come up with a font set, do the graphic design for our website, as well as general art for the mod/media for the mod (banners, avatars, etc etc.)

    2. Coders - We NEED lots of code monkeys, any level of experience or time commitment. We have so much to do already and we're not even done planning, so ALL HANDS will be welcomed. This is a GREAT opportunity to work on a map port and get LOTS of exposure to some VERY skilled Devs (not me lol)

    3. Artists - We have LOTS of plans for changing/modding TONS of assets so we need as many artists cranking out work as possible, Some jobs are REALLY simple but will take lots of time all added up... Some jobs are HUGE and will need VERY skilled VERY dedicated people who REALLY want to make something special.

    4. 3D Modelers - Again LOTS of plans, so the more the merrier! We want to add LOTS and LOTS of guns... whole CLASSES of previously neglected and omitted guns... sweet sweet guns... 'Muricah!

    5. HTML/Web Programmer - Really not a huge need and can be filled by several members of the team or a couple already outside sources but why not have an in-house guy right?

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