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Discussion in 'Bliss Support' started by MaRs, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. MaRs

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    I updated bliss to today. And used the filter update script.
    People getting kicked with this error: script restriction #45

    Seems like it happens when they change to ghillie and stuff..

    Anybody ? I checked script.txt on line 45 but don't think it's that
  2. MaRs

    MaRs Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply's o_O............................?

    Here's a fix probably

    Replace line #47 with this:
    5 setHit !"\"setHit\"," !"object_setHitServer =        compile preprocessFileLineNumbers \"\z" !"player setHit[\"legs\",1];" !"_unit setHit[\"legs\",0];" !"_unit setHit[\"hands\",0];" !"_unit setHit[_selection,_damage];" !"_total = [_unit,_hit,_damage] call object_setHitServer;" !"_ent setVariable [\"hit_legs\",2,true];" !"[player,\"legs\", (_fractures select 0)] call object_setHit;" !"[player,\"hands\", (_fractures select 1)] call object_setHit;" !"#line 1 \"z\addons\dayz_code\compile\object_setHit.sqf\"
    Nvm. Shit is still broken. Crap battleye again.
  3. Newt

    Newt New Member

    I tried adding the line mentioned above but I still have not been able to fix this problem on my server, I've had to comment that line out all together otherwise i was getting kicked myself every time i joined the server.
  4. MaRs

    MaRs Well-Known Member

    1 setHit !"\"setHit\"," !"object_setHitServer =        compile preprocessFileLineNumbers \"\z" !"player setHit[\"legs\",1];" !"_unit setHit[\"legs\",0];" !"_unit setHit[\"hands\",0];" !"_unit setHit[_selection,_damage];" !"_total = [_unit,_hit,_damage] call object_setHitServer;"!"[player,\"legs\", (_fractures select 0)] call object_setHit;" !"[player,\"hands\", (_fractures select 1)] call object_setHit;"!"_ent setVariable [\"hit_legs\",2,true];" 
    Will log it only, instead of kick.
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