[TIL] Taviana Island Life Installation Instructions

Discussion in 'Island Life' started by Pwnoz0r, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Pwnoz0r

    Pwnoz0r Administrator Staff Member

    Video Tutorial:

    1. Download AddonSync2009
    2. Once that is installed open up the application
    3. Click on "New Server"
    4. Paste in the "Auto config URL" from TIL's website
    5. Click on "Import server" once that is pasted in
    6. After the server information is imported click on the "Download addons" tab
    7. Click on "Check for addons" and wait for it to complete what it needs to do
    8. Click download addons and wait for the download to complete
    ArmA II Game Launcher (optional - if you do not know how to launch with addons correctly)
    1. Download ArmA II Game Launcher
    2. Under "Addons / Mods" create a new group and name it "TIL"
    3. Click and drag "@TIL" to the new group you made (make sure they are checked)
    4. Under the "Game Version" select "ArmA II - CO"
    5. (optional) Go into the "Launch Options" and select the launch options that you want to apply to your game
    6. Click "Start Game" to launch and remote IP to this: lifeserver.pwnoz0r.com:2302
  2. DudeLPs

    DudeLPs New Member

    With Emita City it always says to me it failed to import server details, Please check the URL, cannot import table server :/ any idea?
  3. Pwnoz0r

    Pwnoz0r Administrator Staff Member

    If it fails to import, that means the host server is offline.
  4. Jaxjags2100

    Jaxjags2100 New Member

    Are there any instructions out there on how to set up your own Island Life server?
  5. Mamu1234

    Mamu1234 Member

    Can anyone send me a pm and explain with a few words, what "Island Life" is ?
  6. cen

    cen Valued Member!

    It's a role playing mod with police and civilians on Arma 2
  7. GamingSpawn

    GamingSpawn New Member

    Is there away to set up your own island life server?
  8. novaline

    novaline Well-Known Member

    seems like the "open source" of dayz mod is closed source when it comes to life mods...
  9. GamingSpawn

    GamingSpawn New Member

    There are many servers out there. Someone must know where you get the server files from
  10. novaline

    novaline Well-Known Member

    there are life server files on Armaholic but you need to modify them alot to get them to work. the artis life for arma 3 works with not too much hassle however
  11. Bf3gamer57

    Bf3gamer57 Member

    he used to have instructions
  12. big_OL

    big_OL New Member

    nice job getting a server up but
    will the server for addon sync be coming back online?
    still getting 'Failed importing server details' etc.

    EDIT: ok i just read the link will be down until the 5th. thanks.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2014
  13. Deadlymii

    Deadlymii New Member

    when is the addon sync server back online ?
  14. big_OL

    big_OL New Member

    Is the server still going? the YouTube page is now private and the repo is still offline.
    thanks for any replies.
  15. MrOMNZ

    MrOMNZ New Member

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