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Discussion in 'Scripting Discussions' started by Silk Tricky, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Silk Tricky

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    I thought it would be great if there was a thread dedicated to this patch since it is so impactful to scripting. I had everything below working before this patch. So here's my current server experiences:

    - Autorefuel (Tigers tutorial)
    - Heli lift & tow (Tigers tutorial)
    - Custom heli crash and camp loot (
    - Sidechat ( support page)
    - Custom buildings (through DB, getting some double spawning though. )

    - Sarge AI (no errors, RPT or elsewhere, just nothing spawning)
    - Self Bloodbag (no errors, just not working)
    - Ammo Crates (not being ignored in RPT, just not spawning)
    - Strip vehicles (no errors, just not working)
    - Shorten Full moon nights (no errors, just doesn't work)
    - Strip Clothes (no errors, just doesn't work)

    I'm pretty gun shy about trying anything else at this point unless I know people have it working. Hopefully this thread will help with some of that.
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  3. Silk Tricky

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    I got Self Bloodbag Working on
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    How to Make a Full Moon?
  6. Toft

    Toft New Member

    Did they blacklist buildings in the patch?? because for some reason the extra buildings we added on our server are not spawning anymore :( and they worked fine in patch
  7. FPSNige

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    They haven't blacklisted them, no.

    I have some spawning through my database and some called via sqf from the init file in my mission.pbo. on
    So much changed from 1.7.6 to now, if you have the buildings executing from your mission.pbo check there isn't a script above the call thats broken in

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  8. Toft

    Toft New Member

    Hmmmm okey :( i just dont understand why my buildings from the database wont spawn after i updated the server too :(

    Could it have something to do with, that the map coords on the Chernarus map have changed a bit after the new update and beta patch, so the server is trying to spawn them inside trees and what not?? ( just a guess )

    is there any guide here about how to add custom buildings both in the mission.pbo and / or adding buildings from the database in patch that would be a big help... i have been looking at little but cant seem to find much. (maybe im looking in the wrong forum section i dont know :( )
  9. Matt L

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    It's because if you added them to the database there was a chunk of code calling for that table in the server.pbo somewhere, they removed that code in . There are tons of tutorials out there for adding stuff to the mission/server.pbo The most comprehensive one that i've found though is : This one by Dami
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  10. Toft

    Toft New Member

    Ohhh okey.. Thank you very much for your help Sir. :)

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