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  1. kisslotka
    I love casino and video games
  2. TBs Thug
    TBs Thug FallingSheep
    FallingSheep would you be interested in getting paid to fix the Origins House Script? If so let me know what you want. I have tried to fix it but not working correctly. I posted a video to show what is going on. I know you said FU to Epoch, but I like you :)
    1. FallingSheep
      i tried to fix that mess a while ago, i got a semi working one try theses files (thers a few scripts added and some user stuff)

      linkto video and ill check it out i may have already fixed it :)

      a donation is fine (provided i do something lol) but not necessary i edit for the love of code :)
      Jun 5, 2018
  3. BillDritt
    BillDritt rhammer2003
    I have those Server Files you were looking for... .61 & .62
  4. Alex McCallam
  5. TBs Thug
    TBs Thug FallingSheep
    Hello, I have set up an overpochens tavi server. Still working on trying to fix houses. Had to take a break from that. So I was wondering if you know how to remove the big MOD ORIGINS sign on the back of some of the vehicles in or can point me in the right direction?
  6. worldoftanks666
    worldoftanks666 Pwnoz0r
    @Pwnoz0r can you do arma 2 dayz origins mod server file setup and how to update them
  7. Serega
    Serega ebay
    Вы бы не мог ли бы уточнить какой документ создать и куда его поместить?
    по поводу этого spawnzombles.sqf:
  8. Serega
    Serega ebay
    Вы бы не мог ли бы уточнить какой документ создать и куда его поместить?
  9. Dusty Nuttles
    Dusty Nuttles Punisher79
    Reported for posting on my wall!
  10. Punisher79
  11. Shuter165
    Shuter165 MewTheCrazY
    Hello, I need help with Linux (centos 7) dayz mod server.
    Do you know how to run a server on linux?
  12. mikuloli123
  13. OPGsanek
  14. server steve21k
    server steve21k FallingSheep
    I haven't tried to add virtual garage, but I do want to add it. I can spawn in Uroven1VelkaBudka (Hero Lv1 House), I get the option to open, but it doesn't open, just makes the squeaky door opening sound, any ideas?
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    2. server steve21k
      server steve21k
      would really appreciate it if you could add houses, virtual garage, player spawn at bed/base, fast travel and Ivans lab.

      thanks in advance
      Aug 25, 2017
    3. server steve21k
      server steve21k
      thanks for the update, iv updated the server files on GitHub to my main server files, coz iv done sum changes, iv sorted spawning at plot pole, but only within 500m, if I set it to 5m to spawn at the pole the spawn system breaks the next time a players tries to spawn.
      Sep 5, 2017
    4. FallingSheep
      ive merged your changes into the test version im working on,

      yer the spawn at plotpole needs a large area to find a "safe" place to spawn the player
      Sep 5, 2017
  15. MewTheCrazY
    plz halp, me stoopid
  16. FallingSheep
    FallingSheep has finally killed my interest in making repacks and updating em. no new update coming scrapped al lwip and a general FU to epoch!
  17. Karl0130
    Karl0130 clifdayz
    Hi there . I have a GTX server . But need Some help setting it up. Can you help me with this please .

    1. clifdayz
      Jun 1, 2017
  18. FallingSheep
    update 0.16 overpoch NAPF with a few more scripts while working on 0.17
  19. FallingSheep
    SO any one up for repack 0.17 ...well stiff its coming! building it fresh for!
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  20. derrico5
    derrico5 ShootingBlanks
    hi shootingblanks i have seen you help alot of persons on the froms so iam askking you for help...can u plz help me install taviana map to my epoch server....if u can link me downloads that will be nice...i think i download the map but just incase...btw iam running dayz epoch