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    How to make a server mod pack

    We have a lot of mods on our server and they all serve a purpose because we are a rp community, anyway I want to know how you pack a group of mods into a server mod pack (providing we have dev permission to do so). I need to know how to combine all the mods into a pack, what the .bisign key is...
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    Looking for a little Help / Guidence

    whoops wrong place
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    [OPEN] chopper crash smoke

    how can i increase the smoke for the chopper crash? it looks pathetic at the moment
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    [RELEASE] Complete Random Loadouts

    how many categories can you have for certain items? can you name them yourselves? what i mean is above you have tool, medic, drink, food, ammo etc... What if i want to have 2 specific tools to start with in different categories, i cant put 2 different lines with tools can i? so would it...
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    Turning off the Weight System

    I need to know how to remove the weight system from the game due to the dayz update yesterday. I have added unlimited stamina by editing the scripts.pbo, but now everything weighs a ton, i just want to turn it off for the moment until BI bring out another hotfix to fix their hotfix
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    [OPEN] The apocalyptic towns & prison Bridge mod set

    Hey I want to add all these to my server the problem is, i find the guide too confusing to follow. im not a scripter by nature, I just copy and paste where needed and follow youtube videos. I have had to edit the init.c script...
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    bury all backpacks

    is there a script that i can change that will allow people to bury their backpacks instead of just the protector cases and small er items?
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    bridges script

    my bad i just saw this has already been added
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    bridges script

    not sure if i posted it in the right place but can anyone tell me the current working script to put the bridges onto the 2 islands please
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    [RELEASE] Complete Random Loadouts

    Edit: I got it working, thanks
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    [RELEASE] Complete Random Loadouts

    still not working, now my server wont show up at all. using my setup could you post the whole init on how it should look, please
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    [RELEASE] Complete Random Loadouts

    ok so in my notepad, this is what is on my line 114 itemBs = ItemBase.Cast(itemEnt);
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    [RELEASE] Complete Random Loadouts

    oh i see, yes im using notepad++
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    [RELEASE] Complete Random Loadouts

    I cant get this to work i get this error and my server crashes Can't compile mission init script'! $CurrentDir:mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus\init.c(120): Opened scope at the end of file, missing '}' ? this is what my full init script looks like void main() { //INIT WEATHER BEFORE...