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  • i wish it was 2013. </3
    Chris Atkins
    Chris Atkins
    No funds coming in for that infistar antihack, huh? Your game hosting die off? Gotta innovate. Gotta adapt to the times.
    I just miss the old dayz. the friends i made and things i learned. Just started working with exile. hope to see you all around.
    Hey blur I'm sorry for that flip out the other day, It just I Felt something unfair.. It just happens that when I leave the ts I get killed by the guys I was talking to And Me and friendly had a suspicious Feeling that it was just a coincidence that once we left we got killed..

    Btw You can add me on steam

    Hello, how did u create this low voice in your tutorial for spawn music ??
    Working on a new DayZ mod with Kind-Sir as it seems that Standalone is never coming out. if you would like to help, pm me.
    Hey Blur, so i recently bought the PRO antihack, and have had nothing but problems so far haha. Our admins love it, so we want to get it working properly. Would you be willing to help us install it or fix our current issues?
    Our server mod:
    Dayz epoch

    I have a teamspeak, or skype, or mumble.
    I would like to get in contact with you about purchasing your anti-hack (with support) for DayZ

    My name is Philip and my email address is

    Thank you.
    Hello i am having trouble with the free code anti hack system, I've installed it correctly but when i test it on my server it says battle eye script restriction #101
    Hey could I PM you my MissionPBO and see if you could my music on join thing to work? I got the .ogg file, etc.
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