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  • Did you know that new registrations are throwing an error? A bloke was trying to register just now and kept getting an error.
    1st time here and my normal e-mail I put in to sign up was "banned by the administrator" I've never signed up prior to today, in fact this is my very first post, ever. How would one go about unbanning my normal e-mail address? Not sure how else to contact a moderator.....
    Hello Commander! I was wondering if I may have the privilege of advertising my server in your forums. I have been an active member for a few months. I have learned so much from this forum. I have donated, and I hope have contributed. LOL! Thanks again for the consideration.
    Greetings, Commander. Chris asked me to contact you for some assistance with my Panthera map. Can you help a brother out?
    hi could i have your permission to ad a updated version of your tow+lift script with the fixes iv done (correct distance between vehicles / no tow of locked vehicles) im working on other stuff for this will update if aproved thanks
    Hunger Games; Catching Fire ending is really annoying. Francis Lawrence I hope you sleep well knowing you left everyone hanging. Good day!
    Have someone or something on the forum wronged||offended you? Do you want something done about it? Send me a PM so we can sort it out :)
    Cheers for the link about commercial services, i was just after the scripts for free i wont pay for something that should be free
    Yes I check the forum almost every hour, every day. Yes I'm obsessed. If you have a problem, take it up with my manager.
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