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  • Hi Daimyo; Thank you for you base building script. Working very well on epidemic. I just get 1 problem. Object not saved in database after restart. I apply you fix that you told on page 2 of your script info install and still not saved? Can you help me to sort out?
    thanks for the great mod had everything working and was working great then arma 2 had that update now key pads will go away right after they are placed old ones work just fine its just the new ones disappear but the info codes still show up and the numbers to enter them any help would be great I can email you the mission pbo and sever pbo if need be thanks love the mod
    hello. please give a "DayzAction" this mod. I need you to insert them into a system of protection. that would not be true story of the conflict

    I was wondering if you could maybe assist me in adding your base building mod to our server, we have a dayz.st server and are looking to add base building, AI bandits and some clothing changes but not one of us has a clue how to do so and really require some assistance.

    Let me know if you can help.

    Many thanks
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