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    No Blackhawk?

    I've crawled over the entire map on foot, in a Humvee, and in an Osprey and found exactly 0 Blackhawks. I've seen the Merlin and the Jetskis, so I assume the install worked correctly, but no Blackhawk. :( I was so looking forward to that.
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    So...whats the point?

    I think the general gist isn't that one person should horde 10 vehicles, but rather that the new spawns have a much higher chance of FINDING a vehicle at all. On many servers I've played on (especially with remove parts scripts installed) people will simply stash their vehicles faaaar up north...
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    No Blackhawk?

    Bump for answer, please.... nearly 30 views and no answer?
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    No Blackhawk?

    Hey guys, we just updated our server to 0.2.0, and we can't seem to find the new Blackhawk anywhere. We've noticed the jetskis and the Merlin returning, but where is the Blackhawk? Was really looking forward to that one.
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    Vehicles spawns

    Can't seem to find the new Blackhawk anywhere on our server after we updated. Is there an issue with it, or where does it spawn?